Board of directors
The board of directors

Group type

Board of directors of Tower Prep

The board of directors is a group of seven unidentified people who seem to control Tower Prep. Headmaster answers to them, and they seem concerned by the Broken and the problems Ian Archer has caused. ("Trust") They represent the corporate powers that seized control of Tower Prep from Cornelius Tower, and SatoSystems is at least one of the corporations involved. ("Snitch")

The board apparently has the power to replace the Headmaster, which is implied when Shinji tells the current Headmaster that the board might prefer a Headmaster who takes a stronger hand. ("Snitch") However, they are not aware of the fact that Headmaster is secretly working with Cornelius Tower and others to take control of the school from them. ("Fathers")

It is unknown where the board members reside or where their meeting room is located.

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