The Buffer Arena is a building on Tower Prep campus. It is used to play the unique sport Buffer.

Story Edit

The Buffer Arena has played an important role at Tower Prep, as the only playing arena for Buffer. The Buffer Arena has served as the official playing court for all games and practices. However, it has seen it's fair share of bad events, such as new student hazing. Ian Archer was one of those unfortunate new students, as after he wakes up at Tower Prep, Don Finch gives him a card, which supposedly will lead Ian to orientation. Instead, he enters the Buffer Arena, where he is attacked by the Gold Buffer Team. Among the players is Cal Rice, who takes a special dislikng to Ian. After a few seconds of brawling, Coach intervenes, commanding Cal to stop his attacks, saying hazing is not tolerated. ("New Kid")

Later in the season, Coach History recruits Ian to the Red Buffer Team, confident that with Ian's ability of preflex will win the game. As the game wore on, the Gold Team gained the upper hand and won. ("Buffer")

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