CJ Ward
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Role: Student
Ability: Perception
Played by: Elise Gatien
First appearance: New Kid

Candice Jane ''CJ'' Ward, commonly known as CJ, is a student at Tower Prep. Outwardly a popular and hot model student, CJ is secretly planning to escape along with Ian Archer, Suki Sato and Gabe Forrest. However, she harbors a secret of her own, as she is the Headmaster's daughter.

Story[edit | edit source]

Before Tower Prep[edit | edit source]

Unlike other students, CJ Ward has no memory of her life before Tower Prep, at least none that she wishes to share. She tells others that as long as she can remember she has been a student here. Most likely she was brought here by her father, Headmaster, when he became in charge of the school, although it is unclear if she remembers coming here, or if he had her memory wiped upon arrival. Her mother did not come though, but CJ is aware of her, although she may not know where she is.

At Tower Prep[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Group[edit | edit source]

CJ became determined to escape once she arrived, and eventually enlists Suki Sato and Gabe Forrest to help her. They discover the observatory which they use to plan their escape. During the day of the escape, she bumps into a new student, Ian Archer. They run into him again that night, while trying to escape. He saves them by preventing them from walking into the Gnomes. They proceed to tell him what they know and about their abilities. CJ also tells him that she has no memory outside of Tower Prep. On their way back to school, they are ambushed by Gnomes, but thanks to Ian, they manage to escape. In return they help him get revenge on his roommates by tricking them out onto the ground naked. She decides Ian can be trusted and shows him the observatory, welcoming him to the team. The next day, she tells Ian that the Headmaster doesn't approve of this message, a gnome helmet on the flagpole. Ian then asks her if she wrote the note he received in Math, but she denies it.("New Kid")

Secrets of the School[edit | edit source]

When Ian is charged with theft and grand larceny, CJ attempts to ask him about it, but is rebuffed by the monitor assigned to watch him, Chelsea Sloan. She vows to help prove his innocence though, along with Suki and Gabe. However, after a whole day of investigating, the team seems to have reached a dead end, and realize they need Ian if they are going to discover who framed him. As soon as that is said, Ian shows up, climbing out from beneath the floor. They soon discover that the tunnel that Iab climbed out of is a whole network of underground tunnels.("Monitored")

After Ian returns Gabe's sock monkey (which he found in the tunnels), the group decides to explore the tunnels more thoroughly that night in order to try and find the thief. They decide that CJ and Suki will cover for Ian in his room, while Gabe and Ian search the tunnels. Later that night, CJ and Suki switch places with Ian in his room. They manage to trick Chelsea, but then Ray Snider and Don Finch show up unexpectedly, forcing CJ into the tunnels to search for Ian, leaving Suki to try and maintain the ruse. ("Monitored")

CJ wanders through the tunnels, attempting to find Gabe and Ian, and soon they run into each other. The guys tell her that Gnomes are in the tunnels and that this must be how they move about. She tells them that Ian's roommates came back early and that Suki will call them when it is safe to return. They continue to search the tunnels when Ian discovers a hidden side room, with a bed and various stolen items. When they find the thief had been listening to Fenton Capwell's opera recordings, they begin to suspect Fenton is actually the thief, stealing the recordings from himself to avoid suspicion. Suddenly, the thief appears, but then flees causing Ian to give chase. They, however, lose track of the thief in the dark, which seemingly does not hamper the thief.("Monitored")

CJ goes with Ian and the others to question Fenton the next day, accusing him of being the thief. However, he gives an alibi of getting music from his neighbors the night before, which CJ then confirms using her ability. They become frustrated, realizing they are back to square one, when Fenton becomes angry for tracking dirt into the his room and falsely accusing him. This causes Ian to remember something and asks Gabe if he made his roommate, Howard Gilmore, clean his shoes, but when Gabe says that he never had Howard clean his shoes, they realizes it must have been his own shoes he was cleaning. They decide to pay a visit to Gabe's roommate, leaving Fenton clueless.("Monitored")

That night, CJ and Suki come into Gabe's room, saying Ian is missing, shortly followed by Ian rushing to Gabe's room, claiming to be chased by Monitors, and throws a bust to Howard when the lights cut off. When the lights cut back on, the group sees Howard caught the bust easily in the dark, confirmed by Gabe when Gabe reveals Howard's ability as tetrachromatic vision, allowing him to see in the dark. Howard confesses to his crimes, and explains why he did it, causing the group to feel pity for him. CJ backs up Ian's decision that Howard has to turn himself in, to clear Ian's name, which Howard agrees to, clearing Ian's name. ("Monitored")

CJ adapts quickly to the surprise art project Headmaster assigns them, and uses her ability to show the various changes in emotions her friends are going through as they work on their projects. She suggests to Ian, who is having trouble, to think of the first time his ability was associated with Tower Prep, which leads Suki to suggest he draws Whisper 119's avatar, which Ian agrees to.("Whisper")

CJ, along with everyone else, presents their projects in class the next day. Headmaster comes in before the end of class to examine all of them, noting how proud he is of all of them. However, when he gets to Suki's, CJ picks up using her ability that he quickly became tense and angry, but is managing to keep cool on the outside. The class soon ends, but the group hangs back in the hallway to see what Headmaster is up to. They are shocked to see Headmaster tearing up Suki's drawing, before leaving barely controlling his cool composure, leaving the group wondering why.("Whisper")

That night, CJ, Ian, and Gabe are in the observatory, trying to figure out what the object Suki found is. It puzzles them on why Headmaster would be so angry about it. Their thoughts are interrupted when CJ receives a text from Suki, saying she is being followed by a monitor. This puzzles the group further as to why this thing is so important to Headmaster. Thankfully, Suki texts her a few minutes later, saying she is safely in her room. Ian asks her if they could look it up on Whisper, but she says she tried but is unable to when she doesn't know what to search for. That's when Gabe suggests that they visit Winslow, who has an edetic memory, and says if anyone would know, it would be him. CJ waits in the observatory for Suki, while Ian and Gabe leave for Winslow's room.("Whisper")

As soon as Ian and Gabe return, Suki arrives from her room using the tunnels. Ian and Gabe tell CJ and Suki what they learned from Winslow; The object is a vacuum tube. Suki then comes up with the idea of asking Whisper 119 about it since she is a computer herself. Whisper confirms it's a vacuum tube to a computer, and then asks the group where they found it. Ian ignores the question and asks her if it was a computer used at Tower Prep. She replies by saying a long time ago, and insistently asks him where did they find it. This annoys Gabe to the point where he tries hypersuading her into forgetting about it, but fails due to her not being human. Ian continues his questioning, asking why would it make Headmaster so angry, and what it was used for. She remains silent for a minute before restating what she said earlier that it was vacuum tube, much to the group's frustration. ("Whisper")

Seeing Suki hiding her rigged cellphone during the lockdown, she reports this to Headmaster, causing Suki to be sent home with her family. Then CJ goes into Gabe's room and while blatantly using her ability, interrogates him with questions about the escape plan and any information he may be hiding. She reads him like a book and immediately reported to Headmaster who was forced to send Gabe to West Campus. She is later crying in Headmasters office as it is revealed that they are family. ("Snitch")

Ability[edit | edit source]

CJ's ability is perception, allowing her to read facial expressions and figure out the bearer's thoughts and feelings ("literally reading someone like a book"). She has mastered her ability to interogate others without them knowing, she can get even answers without asking directly (knowing where Gabe was hiding something, in his sock puppet). She later discovers that her ability extends to being able to psychologically profile people based on a sample of their handwriting. ("Whisper")

CJ tells Ian that she is unable to use her ability on herself. She looked into a mirror to read her own emotions and feelings but was unable to get any kind of reading. Her emotions can cloud her perception and overall ability, which is demonstrated when she fails to read Cal Rice in order to determine whether he is telling the truth about not remembering being a gnome. During the time when Cal and Ian were arguing in her room, she was unable to use her ability due to the emotional distress their argument was causing her. ("Trust")

CJ talking to Ian in the observatory

Personality[edit | edit source]

While she outwardly acts like a model student, outside their group. CJ is often the most enthusiastic when it comes to trying to find answers and escape from Tower Prep. She is the most popular girl in school and sometimes hangs about with friends on her level but she also secretly works with the outcasts, Gabe and Suki as they are planning to escape. Shown when she is the first to try to pry open the door to Whisper 23's room and also again when goes ahead with her plan to break into History's office, without Ian.("Buffer")

CJ is a huge fan of the sport buffer and even says that every important lesson she's learned came from buffer. She is a supporter of the Gold Team, and her favorite player is Cal Rice, despite his rivalry with Ian. ("Buffer")

It turns out that CJ had been a spy for her father,Headmaster, and had been reporting Ian, Gabe, and Suki, but because she cared so much for Gabe, Suki, and Ian, it hurt her badly to do this. ("Snitch")

In the last episode, it's shown that CJ knows how to defend herself too since she knocked out Jeremy showing that she still has a grudge against him for ruining her dance. She is highly intelligent and manipulative.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

With Other Students[edit | edit source]

Ian Archer[edit | edit source]

Although they both secretly had feelings for each other, CJ has admitted to liking Ian, though only to Suki. CJ seems to be jealous when ever she thinks Ian may like or is with another girl other than her. She expresses jealousy when seeing Emily Wright and Ian speaking in Ian's room and Ian coming up to close the door. She even asked Ian if she would be escaping with Emily. When they were in the old infirmary, she kissed Ian and became his first kiss, commenting she didn't want him to die without at least having been kissed. Earlier she had asked Ian if after he managed to escaped if he would be running back to all those girls back home that he used to kiss, which Ian replies he's never even had his first kiss yet.("Phone Home") She and Ian almost share a kiss at West Campus but Gabe interrupts them. r("Fathers")[edit | edit source]

Cal Rice[edit | edit source]

Suki reveals to Ian that CJ broke up with Cal because of Ian. CJ later asks Cal what he did with The Broken and asked if they were hurt because she had told him about their hidden base. ("Snitch") CJ obviously had feelings for Cal but they were diminishing as she realized how she feels about Ian.("Trust")

Suki Sato

CJ and Suki are the complete opposites with CJ being popular and sociable and Suki as more reserved and shy. They are best friends only known to Gabe and Ian as the rest of the students would be suspicious. One thing they have in common is their cleverness and their desire to escape the school to find out more about their life. They trust each other and always come to each other’s rescue. Suki and CJ only hang about together in the labratory where the gang hang together and plot their escape. Otherwise, in other school areas CJ is mainly apart from them due to her popular status in the school.

Gabe Forrest

Gabe and CJ would’ve never interacted with each other if it wasn’t for their escape plan which is how they met and worked together along with Suki and Ian. CJ and Gabe have more of a brother-sister relationship and are always there for each other. They both really care for each other and CJ loves Gabe’s childish-funny nature. Gabe is the weird outcast of the school and people tend to avoid him whilst CJ is the popular and influenced student.

With Family[edit | edit source]

Headmaster[edit | edit source]

CJ's father is Headmaster, and she is the one who had been telling him of group's escape plans, Ians secret call to his mother, Suki's rigged cellphone, Gabe hiding the Chemica Desin 2.0, Emily and the Broken, and Conner when he came back to help them escape. Though she did tell Headmaster about the plans, she said she was forced to tell him.("Fathers")

Mother[edit | edit source]

She seems to know her mother. In exchange for luring Ian back to Headmaster's office, her one demand was to speak to her mother again. Headmaster stated "You know what that takes," implying that it would be difficult. The meaning of this statement was not revealed. ("Fathers")

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the episode "Book Report", CJ is shown to be a fan of the vampires in a Twilight-like book series.
  • She is shown to never have heard of a record before. ("Dreams")
  • She does not have a dream about the yellow elevator, suggesting she was not brought to Tower Prep the way other students were. ("Dreams")
  • CJ says that ever since the class has been assigned to keep track of their dreams she hasn't been having any. ("Dreams")
  • Although claming not to remember her parents she states that she knows her father would not approve of her leaving Tower Prep.("Trust")


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