Chelsea Sloan
Role: Student, Monitor
Ability: Unknown
Played by: Daesha D. Usman
First appearance: Monitored

Chelsea Sloan is a student and a monitor at Tower Prep.


At Tower PrepEdit

Guard DogEdit

Chelsea Sloan is assigned by Headmaster to watch Ian Archer after he is accused of a series of thefts. Chelsea takes her responsibility as a monitor seriously, as she feels it is a way to repay the school for turning her life into something special. She does her best to keep Ian from talking to others about the case, as well as keep others, such as Fenton Capwell, from talking to him about it. Chelsea even manages to stare down CJ Ward, Gabe Forrest, and Suki Sato when they try to help Ian about the case. When Ava Taylor and Lisa Merriman try telling Ian that they don't believe that he stole Lisa's photo album, she interrupts them and keeps Ian from talking to them. She also thanks Coach for not discussing the case during a sparring session.("Monitored")

She is forced to stand guard outside Ian's room throughout the night, but she takes her job seriously, including checking Ray Snider and Don Finch's IDs before they can enter their own room. The next day during breakfast, she states sarcastically that it is only the kindess of her heart that she allows him to sleep or sit with them. The day of the Tribunal, she is approached by Howard Gilmore, who confesses he was the thief not Ian, and leads her to a storage shed filled with the stolen items. She retells this during the trial further clearing Ian's name. Headmaster sentences Howard to six weeks at West Campus and clears Ian's name. Chelsea admits she won't miss hearing three guys snore, and says good bye to Ian.("Monitored")


Chelsea is very loyal to Tower Prep which causes her to be rule abiding and very stubborn. She does not step down from her beliefs easily and will stand up to anyone trying to interfere with her job, even if she is out numbered. However, she can sometimes be blinded by her own pride, and doesn't always realize that even she can miss something.


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