Chemica Desin
Magnified view of Chemica Desin attaching to blood cells


Enzyme inhibitor

Chemica Desin is a universal enzyme inhibitor created at Tower Prep's labs in 1971 under the orders of the sixth Headmaster. It suppresses the abilities of anyone who comes in contact with it, a condition that becomes permanent if it is not reversed with an antidote within a short period of time. It can also cause sickness to exposed to it, possibly even death.

Although the use of Chemica Desin in 1971 was reversed by the seventh Headmaster, a vial of it was kept in the Nurse's office. In the present, Ross Anderson stole the vial and -- using what she had learned in biology class -- engineered a new version of the chemical to use against Emily Wright's enemies in the school election. Ian overhears Nurse and Headmaster discussing the 1971 outbreak. Ian discovers info about Chemica Desin in Nurse's computer. Ian sees that he is positive for Chemica Desin contaimination. He takes his blood sample from the infirmary. The plot is exposed by Ian and Emily with the help of Emerson Poencet, who sees inhibitors (according to Emily) in Ian's blood sample. Emerson also saw that the campaign buttons were coated with the chemical. It's a race to stop further spread of the infection by Gabe. For her actions, Ross was supposedly sentenced to the West Campus. However, it was revealed that Ross was instead recruited by the current Headmaster and Nurse to show them how she had engineered the new version of Chemica Desin. ("Election")

Chemica Desin 2.0Edit

When Conner Owens returns, he breaks into a laboratory in West Campus and steals a vial of Chemica Desin 2.0 that Ross and Nurse have been developing. Conner tells Ian to hide the stolen Chemica Desin 2.0 vial, saying only that it could be "the end of everything." Gabe hides the vial inside his sock monkey Señor Guapo, but it is later found by Monitors and Headmaster. It is presumably returned to the Nurse. ("Snitch")


  • "Desin" is the root of the Latin verb "desino" meaning to cease or desist.
  • Chemica desin 2.0 could possibly be used to overthrow the board of directors whom Headmaster is secretly fighting against.
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