Conner Owens
Role: Outside agent
Ability: Some sort of dream infiltration or manipulation
Played by: Andrew Dunbar
First appearance: Dreams

Conner Owens (also spelled Connor[1]) is an agent who posed as a student at Tower Prep.

Story[edit | edit source]

At Tower Prep[edit | edit source]

Incognito[edit | edit source]

Conner was first seen being transported into Tower Prep through the yellow elevator, and later woke up in Ian and Gabe's room, as a replacement for The Great Unknown, who had disappeared. On his first day, Conner makes a scene in the cafeteria and is escorted to Headmaster. Conner demands answers but is silenced when Headmaster whispers something into his ear. Headmaster then tells him to watch the orientation video for answers. Although he pretended to be a new student, Conner was actually an infiltrator sent by an unknown outside group. Enlisting the help of Ian, Suki, Gabe and CJ, he showed them a hidden image of Cornelius Tower in the orientation video, which leads to the discovery of Cornelius's office.

In a dream, Conner tells Ian that he was a scout, sent by "Exiles" loyal to Cornelius Tower's ideals. However, he had been found out and had to leave. When asked by Ian if Conner was giving them the dreams, he says he was not and that escape is on all their minds (except for CJ who did not have that dream). Conner then kneels to Ian calling him "my liege" before using the Indian Rope Trick to escape. Immediately after waking from the dream, Headmaster and Monitors burst into his room desperately searching for Conner, who had already disappeared. Ian asked Headmaster mockingly "He wasn't who you thought he was, was he?" ("Dreams")

Plans Do Not Survive Contact With the Enemy[edit | edit source]

Conner returns by parachute claiming that he knows a way out of Tower Prep. Monitors knock on Ian and Gabe's door during a stage 3 security alert because of Conner's infiltration. Seeing Gabe they look over to Ian's bed. Gabe is surprised that Ian was also in the room (at the time, Ian was spying on Headmaster) hiding under his bedcover faking a flu, allowing Gabe to convince the Monitors to leave before Ian starts uncontrollable vomiting. The real Ian makes it back, and Conner reveals himself under the sheets. Conner admits to have taken Cornelius Tower's documents from the observatory ("Dreams"). He explains to Ian and Gabe how he escaped and why Whisper was updated. After studying the maps they found in Cornelius' office, Conner found a drainage pipe in the West Campus that leads to the outside world. Before going to West Campus, Conner needed the Gnome translator from Ian in order to avoid the Gnomes while he unlocks the gate in the drainage pipe to let in the other members of his group. Unfortunately, Conner is ambushed in the tunnels and forced to return to the dorms. With Monitors searching for him, Conner hands Ian a vial of Chemica Desin 2.0, and said the bottle was the end of everything. Monitors are heard outside of their dorm and Ian tells him to hide in the observatory, but he is caught and overwhelmed by the Gnomes. With a map and key left with Ian, he ventures off alone to finish the job. Ian later witnesses Dr. Specs completing his forced interrogation and West Campus orientation on the badly beaten Conner. ("Snitch")

Ability[edit | edit source]

Though not stated, his ability may involve the power to infiltrate people's dreams. A piece of evidence supporting this is the fact that after Conner returns, he clearly remembers having the conversation which had taken place in Ian's dream. ("Snitch")

Conner also seems to have martial arts fighting skills, though they seem to be weaker than Ian's, as he was beaten ruthlessly by Gnomes in the tunnels. Ian on the other hand fought several, and beat them at once. Conner has incredible skill with computers, hacking into Whisper 119 twice: the first time to obtain the orientation video and the second time to create the glitch in the wall to escape Tower Prep.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Conner's personality is somewhat similar to Ian's, or at least seemed to be while he was undercover as a student. His psychological profile was similar to Ian's, which led Headmaster to place Conner as Ian's roommate. However, it's possible that much of that psychological profile was falsified for that very purpose. ("Dreams")

References[edit | edit source]

  1. His name is spelled "Conner" in the show itself, while the Cartoon Network website spells it "Connor."

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