Cornelius's Office
Suki showing Ian a map of the peninsula


Tower Prep, main building

Cornelius Tower's office is located in a secret room accessed through Dr. Specs' medical lab. Retinal scan and voice identification are required to get into the room.

The office contains several interesting objects, such as a star chart on the ceiling mapping the constellations seen from Tower Prep, information about the school's history as well as Cornelius Tower's personal keepsakes, photos, videos, and recordings.


When Ian, Suki, Gabe, CJ, and Conner Owens make it into his office, they think they are outside, because the lights are off, and the stars on the ceiling look like actual stars. When Conner turns on the light, they begin to explore the room. Maps that show the tunnels of the school and the map of the landmass that Tower Prep is on are found, as well as a voice recording of Cornelius dictating his life story. The room also contains a black leather massaging chair, which Gabe falls asleep on. The five then decide to carry as much stuff out of the room and to hide it. The room has not been seen since the episode Dreams. It is unknown whether anybody else knows about Cornelius's room.


It is possible that Cornelius's office is run by another computer, as a man's voice was heard when they were trying to get into his room, not Whisper's.

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