Corvus H40

Corvus H-40 is a chemical substance that can enhance or "accelerate" the special abilities of anyone who takes it. The Rooks had presumably found vials of Corvus H-40 under the school and had been drinking it in their "Raven's Blood" to accelerate their abilities. Gabe states it tastes like "fruit punch", which suggests that the base component of the "Blood" is an innocuous beverage, used to mask the chemical.

Corvus was apparently manufactured decades ago by Sato Scientific and the people who ran the labs under the school. In the past, students -- including Coach -- were used in clinical testing of the drug.

According to Coach, Corvus is a performance enhancer, similar to a steroid or caffeine, boosting a person's energy. Over time, the user can become dependent on it and eventually will not be able to use their ability without it. However, everything Coach told Ian about Corvus is suspect, given that his conversation with Headmaster revealed he had not been telling the whole truth. So far, only Coach and Headmaster have been implied to know the true nature of Corvus, and it remains a mystery to the audience. ("Rooks")

Test subjects


  • "Corvus" is the Latin word for raven or rook.
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