Demetrius Wingham
Role: Student?
Played by: Jesse Wheeler
First appearance: Fathers

Demetrius Wingham is an inmate at West Campus who acts as Gabe's bodyguard. He is later revealed to be working for Headmaster.


At Tower PrepEdit


Demetrius is first mentioned by Headmaster when he and CJ are seen speaking in his office; Headmaster mentioned that Gabe has a shadow. This shadow or bodyguard is later learned to be Demetrius. Gabe first meets him in their shared room at West Campus, who at first look seems somewhat intimidating, though he has a calm and rather quiet demeanor. When Gabe tries to introduce himself he replies in an almost irritated tone "I already know who you are" which confuses Gabe. He rarely talks, or answers anything Gabe asks him through out his appearance in "Fathers". When Gabe hears something at the door, he finds a Talon he recognizes it as a symbol from the Rooks. Gabe ventures outside and sees Jeremy emerging from his room followed by two other Rooks, but Demetrius stands behind Gabe and forces them to retreat.

Demetrius then gives Gabe a cylindrical club, warning him to sleep with it. Demetrius tells Gabe he has a "friend" although it's not Demetrius himself. On his bed Gabe finds his beloved sock monkey, Señor Guapo, although Demetrius remains silent about how it got there. He tells Gabe his name, and that the guys call him "Metri" or "Meat Tree".

Later Jeremy and the Rooks tie up Demetrius and try to attack Gabe in the locker room, but Ian, CJ, and Suki fight off the Rooks and rescue him. After the fight, Gabe acknowledges that Demetrius is his friend and invites him to escape with them, even knowing that Demetrius is working for Headmaster. Demetrius tells Gabe "You're much stronger than me," and tells them to go without him, letting them escape. ("Fathers")

The Great UnknownEdit

In January 2013, Paul Dini confirmed that The Great Unknown would have been revealed to be Demetrius,[1] presumably meaning that he had been used to spy on Gabe even before West Campus.


  • Demetrius is seen reading a copy of The Odyssey, earlier seen in "Book Report"



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