Don Finch
Role: Student
Ability: Unknown
Played by: Calum Worthy
First appearance: New Kid

Don Finch is a student at Tower Prep, and is roommates with Ray Snider, and initially Ian Archer. He is also friends with Zack Blonsky.


At Tower PrepEdit

Hazing the NewbieEdit

Don Finch is among the first students to meet Ian when he arrives at the school. He, Ray, and Zack quickly begin to make fun of Ian's confusion. Don then hands Ian a card, saying it will lead him to the New Student Orientation. However, it actually leads to the Buffer Arena, where Ian (And most likely new students before him) is attacked by the Buffer Teams, led be Cal Rice. They later laugh when Ian eventually shows up at orientation. When Ian comes back to the room after classes, Don is searching through the pictures on his phone, commenting on his parents and his dog. After Ray breaks Ian's iPod and Ian shoves him up against a wall, he tries to goad Ian into fighting Ray. Ian refuses and walks out.("New Kid")

Later, Don, Ray, and Zack, are in the showers, laughing about the day's antics, when they see "Ian" stealing their clothes. They chase him out on to the lawn, naked, where they get stuck by the security beams. Don is shocked when Ian appears out the window of their room, he though he thought he just saw him running away on the lawn. They are then busted by Math, and punished by Headmaster.("New Kid")

Bad KarmaEdit

Don mocks Ian later, for his apparent 180, going from trying to escape, to being a model student. In response, Ian says Don can be a creep any day of the week, before walking out.Later, He, along with Ray, try to use the thefts that are occurring (the ones Ian is charged with) to try and hit on Ava Taylor and Lisa Merriman, by saying they were just checking to make sure the girl's stuff was safe. However, they are both rejected by the girls and forced to leave. On their way back to the room, Don is disillusioning himself into thinking the girls were into them, when they are stopped by Ian's Monitor, Chelsea Sloan. After proving that they really were who they said they were, they are allowed in. Don and Ray both go to movie night, but come back after the movie was apparently stolen. They blame Ian, who they thought was under the covers, trying to sleep (but it's actually Suki Sato). Don goes on to talk about how Lisa was in to him, although Ray revels she actually got up and moved the minute Don sat by her. Hearing "Ian" (Suki) laugh, Don attempts to rip the covers off the bed, while teasing him about liking CJ. "Ian" (Suki) responds by saying he doesn't like CJ Ward, but actually likes Suki Sato. This gives the two boys pause, before acknowledging that they do think Suki is pretty hot. Don and Ray are happy when Ian evenutally switches rooms, but are dismayed when they discover that Fenton Capwell becomes their new roommate, and even more dismayed when they find out he loves to sing opera. ("Monitored")


Don has a rather boyish personality. He finds pleasure in playing practical jokes on new students. Don is confident and seems to notice girls, even though he has not yet figured out how to talk to them. He seems to be a loyal friend, but does not seek out new friends easily, sticking to those he already knows.


With Other StudentsEdit

Ian ArcherEdit

Don makes fun of Ian constantly during the time Ian spent as his roommate. He also hazes Ian into getting attacked by the buffer team on his first day. But as time goes on, Ian begins to stand up to Don and Don is no longer able to mess with him whenever he wants. Don is happy when Ian switches dorms but is dismayed with Ian's replacement, Fenton Capwell.

Ray SniderEdit

Ray is Don's roommate, and they are good friends, often hanging out and messing with new kids. They also attempt to hit on girls together, but unlike Don, Ray has a much more realistic view on things and tries to keep Don down to earth about whether girls like him or not.

Zack BlonskyEdit

Don is friends with Zack, and along with Ray, often mess with new kids and play jokes on other kids.

Ava Taylor and Lisa MerrimanEdit

Don and Ray attempt to flirt with Ava and Lisa but are rejected quickly, although Don doesn't seem to get the hint and tries to sit next to them during movie night, but is rejected a second time.

Fenton CapwellEdit

When Ian switches dorms, Fenton becomes Don's new roommate. Don quickly comes to hate Fenton as Fenton often sings opera and ignores most forms of teasing.


  • The card that Don gives Ian, is the Joker card. This symbolizes that Don, Ray, and Zack, are pranksters who give new students a hard time.
  • On the Wikipedia page for Tower Prep and the Internet Movie Database, Don's name is shown as "Don Fincher". However, "Finch" is his last name that appears in the actual episode credits.

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