Dr. Specs
Role: Faculty
Played by: Alex Diakun
First appearance: Dreams

A man identified only as "Dr. Specs"[1] works in the medical lab hidden in the underground tunnels. There, he prepares new students by erasing their short-term memory with electronic static, then transports them elsewhere on campus, where they will wake up at Tower Prep for the first time.

He may be the same doctor seen in the old surveillance video footage strapping a student to a chair while Cornelius Tower tries to stop him. ("Dreams")

He is seen giving Conner Owens and later Gabe a mind-wipe at West Campus using "Meet Me in My Dreams Tonight" by Cokie Tower and the Hypnotic 5.("Fathers")


  1. Name comes from the "What We Know" page on the Cartoon Network website and the show's official credits. Nurse later mentions him by name.

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