Emily Wright
Role: Student
Ability: Unknown
Played by: Jodi Balfour
First appearance: Election

Emily Wright is a student at Tower Prep.


At Tower PrepEdit

A Fair ElectionEdit

When Fenton Capwell (who had been running against Emily in the election) fell ill, Emily took it upon herself to find out what caused the sickness. She ran into Ian Archer while they were both sneaking around in the infirmary, and they revealed that they both know about Chemica Desin. She also mentioned rumors of "outsiders" who are trying to infiltrate the school. They barely avoided being caught by Nurse and confirmed that Desin is in a sample of Ian's blood with the help of Emerson Poencet. Emily was accidentally exposed to the chemical as well and fell sick on her way to the candidate's presentation. Eventually, it was revealed that Emily's campaign manager Ross Anderson had been the one spreading Chemica Desin to her competitors, apparently without Emily's knowledge. After Ross was apprehended, she and Emily synthesized a cure to reverse the effects before Ross was sent to West Campus. Emily lost her bid for re-election to Gabe Forrest, most likely because he was the only one who had an opportunity to give a speech. ("Election")

Not Everything is as it SeemsEdit

Later, Emily -- who has become vice-president after Gabe is elected president -- is assigned to be Gabe's partner on a field trip into the forest. They at first don't get along, as Emily is trying to focus on getting the project done, while Gabe is attempting to do his own project, trying to find a tree to climb to see over the wall. They both hear animal roars, and Gabe panics, thinking it's Redfang. Emily tries to calm him down, but he takes off and falls down a hill, spraining his ankle. Emily manages to have patience through Gabe's overdramatic comments, and after Ian shows up, offers to take Gabe back to Nurse, stating that he is her partner and as Vice President, it is her responsibility to support the President. She gets him to Nurse, who with the help of Jenny Peasley, gets him onto a bed to be examined. While setting his stuff down however, she discovers in his pack, a map of the nearby areas. Emily stuffs it in her back then leaves to finish the assignment. Later, she returns to the infirmary and meets up with Fenton Capwell and Ray Snider, who all realize that their partners (CJ, Suki and Gabe) have been investigating ways to escape. ("Field Trip")

Time's UpEdit

While working on the Tower Prep Network Blog, Emily takes an assignment from Art to investigate the graffiti of Redfang that has begun appearing around campus. Later Emily meets with Ian in private and reveals that she knows about the resistance group called the Broken and has met with them. She explains that someone has inserted a coded message about the Broken into Ian's article on buffer, and that she has told the Broken about Ian, Gabe, CJ and Suki's escape plan. Ian gets her to reveal the location of the Broken base by threatening to tell Headmaster. Eventually Emily disappears from the school around the same time the rest of the Broken vanish. ("Trust")


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