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The Exiles are a group of people who believe in the ideals of Cornelius Tower, the founder of Tower Prep. Their goal is to take Tower Prep back from the board of directors who represent the corporations that seized control of the school from Cornelius Tower.

Conner Owens is the only known member of the group. Little is known about the actions of Exiles thus far, other than that they have sent scouts to infiltrate the school and gather information. They have access to advanced technology, as they were able to hack Whisper 119's systems and insert Conner into the school. ("Dreams")

According to Conner, the Exiles are well-organized and funded, with a long history connected to Tower Prep. ("Snitch")


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  • It is possible that Headmaster is a member of the Exiles, as the Whisper hologram said that Headmaster is loyal to Tower Prep's original ideals, and wants to restore it as a positive force. However, Whisper also claimed that the Exiles, referred to as "Conner's Army", did not yet know they would be fighting alongside Headmaster. ("Fathers") If Headmaster is working with the Exiles, his involvement would have to be secret from almost all the members of the group, because that information is known by only seven living people, six of whom are accounted for.
    • Headmaster's true intentions are known by Cornelius Tower, but it has never actually been stated that Cornelius is currently with the Exiles -- it's only known that they claim to follow his ideals.
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