Season 1, Episode 13
Airdate: December 28, 2010
Writer(s): Glen Morgan
Director: Dwight Little

"Fathers" is the thirteenth and final episode of season one of Tower Prep.

Ian, CJ, and Suki get back together to rescue Gabe, who has been exiled to West Campus.


The Gnomes surround Ian, waiting until their leader arrives. Once he is present, Ian tells them that he's already foreseen their defeat and attacks. He defeats first the Gnomes and then their leader.

Gabe is taken to his new room in West Campus. They lock him in and he discovers he has a new roommate. The roommate all but ignores him, and someone drops a rook's claw in through the slot in the door.

Suki's father Takahiro comes to see Suki and tell her that she'll be coming home, and that she will be safe when Tower Prep erupts.

Ian is trying to find Gabe and gets lost, and the Man in the Suit approaches him. The Man tells Ian that three is the charm and walks away.

In his office, Headmaster asks his daughter, CJ, why she's hiding something back. She insists that she loves him, but she also loves her friends and he owes her. Headmaster says that Tower Prep is on the brink of chaos and it isn't the time for her to demand her payment. He asks her how Ian broke into West Campus, for his own safety. CJ wonders what her father is going to do to her friends, and he admits there's nothing he can do for Gabe and Suki., but he has assigned a shadow to Gabe. As for Ian, if he's caught rescuing Gabe, he'll be interred under much stricter conditions and there'll be nothing Headmaster can do. CJ warns him that if her friends find out what she did on her father's behalf, they'll punish her.

As Gabe examines the rook's claw, he asks his roommate what it means. His roommate doesn't answer. Gabe tries to make conversation and wishes he was back at Tower Prep with his friends. There's a knock on the door, and someone on the other side gestures Gabe out. He leaves his room and runs into the Monitors, who are immune to his hypersuasion. Odin, the leader of the Rooks, emerges from his room and informs Gabe that he plans to take revenge for Gabe destroying his plans. He and his fellow Rooks close in on Gabe, but Gabe's roommate emerges and backs Gabe up. Odin retreats, but warns that Gabe can't avoid him forever.

Ian tries to get answers from the Man, who says that Ian will try to escape three times, and three of them will escape. Ian notes that there are four people trying to escape, and wonders if Suki or CJ are the traitor. The Man says nothing, and Ian demands to know who he is. In response, the Man says that they will see each other three times, and the next two times will be after Ian escapes. He turns around and flee before Ian can get any answers.

Gabe talks to his roommate and tries to get answers, and the boy gives him a wooden baton and tells him to sleep with it. He assures Gabe that he has a friend, much to Gabe's surprise. As Gabe sits on his bed, he finds Señor Guapo waiting for him. The roommate says that his name is Demetrius, and Gabe thanks him for getting his sock monkey.

Ian uses one of Suki's modified PDAs to try and signal his friends.

Headmaster tells CJ that he can understand that she doesn't want her friends to learn who her father is. He asks CJ to convince Ian to come see him, and he'll convince Ian it's in his best interest not to escape. Ian sends a text message to CJ, and Headmaster sees the incoming message. He takes it and sends a message to Ian, pretending that he's CJ and asking him to come there. Headmaster denies her accusation that he's doing it for himself, and insists he's trying to help everyone. CJ agrees to help, but only if he lets her speak to her mother again. Headmaster warns her that it takes too much. When he turns her back, she tries to signal Ian on her PDA, but Headmaster says that Ian will soon be there and they should wait for him.

Takahiro tells his Monitors to take Suki out through the yellow elevator to their transport. He insists that Suki's friends have put bad ideas in her head, and she'll be with her family. As she's taken away, she tells Takahiro that she no longer considers him her father if Sato Systems is the company that runs Tower Prep. As they continue on, Ian spots them and secretly follows behind. When they go down a flight of stairs, Ian attacks them. The guards threaten to overwhelm him, but Suki makes her choice and uses her ability to impersonate her father, distracting the guards long enough for Ian to get her away.

Gabe is playing with Señor Guapo and talking to Demetrius, saying that Ian and Demetrius are the only two people who have ever stepped up for him. He finally realizes that Demetrius has gone outside through the now-unlocked door.

Ian tells Suki that Headmaster is waiting for him, and suggests that she might know something about how Headmaster realized that Gabe had Chemica Desin. He lays out the case against either Suki or CJ, but she points out that he was the last one to join the group, and they only have his word for many of the strange activities on campus. However, she says that ultimately she trusts him. When Ian explains that he doesn't trust her because she called her father, Suki notes that her father wants to take her away, not leave her there as a snitch. To prove herself, Suki walks into Headmaster's office. Ian comes in a few seconds later and they're shocked to find CJ there.

Ian tells Headmaster that he knows he faked the text message from CJ, but he also knows that CJ snitched on Gabe. CJ says that it isn't what he thinks, and Ian asks for an explanation. She tells him that she's made sacrifices for the school, for her friends, and all to affect people she doesn't even know and who have ever heard of Tower Prep. Ian vows to free Gabe, and Headmaster tells him that it's enough. As he removes his jacket, Headmaster says that they all have the same interests, and they extend beyond the walls of Tower Prep. He tells them that CJ is his daughter, and she is working for a higher purpose. Headmaster informs Ian that he won't be walking out of Tower Prep, and that he's the one who trained Coach how to fight. He attacks Ian and soon gets the upper hand, but CJ grabs his arm, giving Ian the time to knock his opponent out.

As Suki and Ian leave, they refuse to tell CJ where they're going. She says that she's sorry, and offers to help them rescue Gabe to make amends. Suki reminds Ian that she helped take down her own father, and Ian accepts her help.

Gabe leaves his room through the unlocked door and hears someone whispering his voice. He follows the voice to a locker room, and Odin and his Rook underlings emerge from the shadows. They've captured Demetrius, and Odin tells Gabe that he has no friends. He explains that Demetrius works for Headmaster. Ian, Suki, and CJ arrive and tell Odin that Gabe does have friends. A fight breaks out and Ian matches his preflexes against Odin. Gabe leaps on one of other Rooks, Suki knocks out another one with a bucket, and Demetrius manages to fight back. Odin gets the upper hand against Ian, but CJ leaps in and knocks him out, reminding him that he ruined her dance. She asks for his understanding, and they start to kiss only for Gabe to interrupt. As they go, Gabe asks Demetrius for the truth. Demetrius tells him to go, and refuses Gabe's invitation to join them in their escape. He shakes Gabe's hand and warns that the Gnomes are coming.

The four friends get to the basement kitchen and climb into the drainage pipe. As the Gnomes pursue them up the pipe, Ian gets the gate open using Conner's keys. Once they're all out, Ian locks the gate behind them, cutting off their pursuit.

As they run through the woods, the group finds a woman in a red dress waiting for them. She speaks using Whisper's voice, and congratulates them on moving to the next level. She warns them that Headmaster will need them in the coming conflict, and that they will join forces with the Broken, Redfang, and Conner's group. There are only seven people alive that know Headmaster is working secretly from the inside to bring down Tower Prep. Six of them are the four students, Headmaster, and Cornelius Tower, who is still alive. When Ian asks the woman if she's the seventh person, the "woman' says that she's not human, and disappears in a burst of static.


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  • Unfortunately, Tower Prep was not renewed for a second season. For more information about the series ending and what would have happened, see this section of the Tower Prep article.


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