Fenton Capwell
Role: Student
Ability: Unknown
Played by: Charlie Carrick
First appearance: Monitored

Fenton Capwell is a student at Tower Prep. His interests include opera, specifically the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. Furthermore, he loves listening to recordings of himself singing.


Before Tower PrepEdit

Fenton Capwell was a Webelos scout in his life before Tower Prep. He wanted to be a full-fledged boy scout, but he was brought to Tower Prep a week before his 12th birthday.("Field Trip") His father was also a surgeon.("Election")

At Tower PrepEdit

Ignorance is BlissEdit

Fenton Capwell seems to ignore the fact people find him odd, and lives happily at Tower Prep. He confronts Ian Archer about him stealing Fenton's self recorded opera songs, but is rebuked by the monitor assigned to monitor Ian, Chelsea Sloan. Fenton eventually gets irritated by not having any music, and asks the girls next door for some mp3s. However, instead of opera, they give him more modern music to listen to, Lady Gaga. Soon, however, he himself was accused by Ian and his friends about actually being the thief. Fenton gives him a concrete alibi, saying he was getting music from the girls next door. CJ Ward uses her ability to confirm he is telling the truth. Fenton then gets angry at the group for falsely accusing him and tracking dirt into his room. This causes the group to realize something, and leave, leaving Fenton clueless. After Ian switches dorms, He takes Ian's place as Ray Snider and Don Finch's roommate, much to their dismay. ("Monitored")

Underhanded TacticsEdit

During biology midterms, Fenton says his father is a surgeon so dissecting does not bother him. While running against Emily Wright for class president, he falls ill and is taken to the Nurse. The culprit is eventually revealed to be Ross Anderson who had given him a button tainted with Chemica Desin. After an antidote was found, Fenton recovered.("Election")

Not Everything is as it SeemsEdit

He is partnered with CJ on an assignment in the forest and annoys her with his vast knowledge of wilderness survival, including several ways to tell direction. This annoys CJ to point of her yelling at him, telling him not to be such a Boy Scout. He stops, hurt, before correcting her in a quieter tone, saying he was only a Webelos Scout. He goes on to tell her that he was about to become a Boy Scout, but was brought to Tower Prep before it happened. CJ feels bad for yelling at him, and lets him continue to talk about what he knows. Upon hearing animal roars, he theorizes that the forest may be home to cryptids such as the Mapinguari. Upon coming up to the wall, CJ asks him to explore over somewhere else while she explores around the wall. He finds animal scat, which causes him to go into a lecture are it. He then is startled when CJ lets out a loud gasp, and he looks up seeing she was bitten by a Tsetse fly. Fenton goes to her aid, but notices a smoking spilled acid on the ground causing him to give some pause as to what she was doing. He then offers to suck the poison out, but is quickly rebuked by CJ, who he then takes to Nurse. When he later returns to check on her, he runs into Ray Snider and Emily Wright who shows them the map she found in Gabe's pack. Fenton asks "What were they really doing out there?" ("Field Trip")


Fenton is erudite and has a very particular sense of style, with a variety of outfits for every occasion. He has a love for opera and his singing tends to irritate others. He is very perceptive of others, and has uncanny accuracy in figuring out things about others. He is sympathetic towards others plights, such as CJ being torn between Ian and Cal Rice. This could be due to his possible ability of heightened perception of others.


His ability remains unknown, although it could be an heightened sense of perception of those around him, and is very intuitive.

An example of this would be Fenton figuring out that CJ is torn up about Ian and Cal Rice. ("Field Trip")


  • Fenton's, like other students, mp3 player is an Apple iTouch/iPhone.
  • Fenton considers his heart to be his inner sanctum, where he can listen to music privately without being interrupted.
  • In his twitter post, Paul Dini commented, "We haven't revealed Fenton's ability yet. He's very intuitive and intellectual, but his 'power' still secret.". This implies that if a second season is made, Fenton's ability will be revealed.
  • In his podcast, Paul Dini has stated 'there has been talk about what his power should be, and believes most likely it is an heightened level of perception, as he is very intuitive where other kids are not.

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