"Field Trip"
Season 1, Episode 8
Airdate: December 7, 2010
Field Trip
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Director: Dwight Little

"Field Trip" is the eighth episode of season one of Tower Prep.

The group uses a field trip into the forest as an opportunity to search for escape and encounters a legend about a creature called Redfang.


Ray Snyder is telling a story to his fellow classmates, the story of a student named Stephen Phillips who tried to escape through the woods. He talks about how Redfang, a ferocious furry creature, killed Phillips. CJ and Ian are unimpressed, as Ray describes how Redfang dragged Phillips into the woods, never to be seen again.

In class, Biology tells the students that they will be going out into the woods for a field trip, and gives them assignments of what to look for. Afterward, the fringers meet in the observatory and come up with a plan to gather as much information as possible to make their escape. Suki will identify plant specimens to place their location. CJ will try acid on the wall, Ian will scout for Gnome checkpoints and use the translator they stole to listen in on their conversations, and Gabe will photograph the wall from an elevated vantage point and see how long it extends.

On the morning of the field trip, Whisper 119 wakes up Gabe, while Ian is ready to go. As they go to meet CJ and Suki, Cal Rice brushes past them, much to CJ's dismay. They meet in the cafeteria, and Headmaster is there to assign their pairings. He puts Suki with Ray, Ian with Cal, Gabe with Emily, and CJ with Fenton Capwell. When CJ suggests they choose their own partners, Headmaster tells her that it's a good time to learn about their classmates. Ian figures that they can have their partners do their assignments while they plot their escape.

Emily comes over and warns Gabe that he won't be President out in the woods. Ray tells Suki that he's been hoping to have some time with her, and admits that he thought she was cute. Fenton is eager to be out in the woods and explains that he's fully equipped. When he shows off his serrated knife, Ian takes an interest. Cal tries to take it, and Ian stops him, and then suggests they put aside their indifferences. When Cal refuses, Headmaster overhears and suggests that enemies today may be allies tomorrow.

In the woods, Gabe tries to find a tree to climb, and Emily has no idea what he's doing. Meanwhile, Fenton navigates their way through the woods and lectures CJ on forest survival. She finally tells him to stop acting like a Boy Scout, and he admits that he never made it past Webelos. A week before his 12th birthday, he ended up at Tower Prep. CJ takes pity on him and hears him out.

Ian and Cal go out into the woods and try to avoid each other while carrying out their assignment. Ian notices that Cal has a lot of sandwiches packed away, and wonders if he's trying to escape. Cal grabs Ian's bag and throws it away, activating the Gnome translation device. When he sees it, Cal wonders where Ian got it, but Ian refuses to say anything.

Suki measures off distances, and Ray points out that it's not part of the assignment. He tries to joke, but Suki isn't impressed. He tries to impersonate Redfang, and Suki responds by using her talent to make a more convincing impression. Ray is impressed, and asks her to do it again. CJ and Fenton hear the noise, and wonder if Redfang is on the prowl. Gabe hears it, runs, and falls down a hill. Cal hears him with his heightened hearing, while Gabe calls to Emily for help. Ian insists on going to help, but Cal insists on looking out for himself.

Emily climbs down and checks on Gabe, who has sprained his ankle and is ready to die. When Ian arrives, Emily assures him that Gabe is fine. They're unaware that something is watching them from the woods. Emily offers to take him back and goes to get their equipment, and Gabe tells Ian that he didn't get a chance to take photos of the wall. As Emily leads Gabe away, Ian tunes in the Gnome translator and hears them sending a team after a student who was spotted near the wall.

Emily gets Gabe to the infirmary. As Nurse and the work-study student, Jenny, tend to him, Emily notices Gabe's map and pockets it.

Ian listens as the Gnomes report that they've spotted both Redfang and the student. He finds a torn student vest.

Suki and Ray continue to gather plant specimens, and Ray identifies slime moss by tasting it. He complains that she's been doing nothing but walking in a straight line, and she insists that she has her own methodology. Ray takes a picture of her over Suki's objections, and then notes she's standing in poison ivy. As she screams, Ian hears her, and then finds a PDA laying in the ground.

Fenton and CJ come to the wall and she suggests that they separate. While he studies scat, CJ tests the acid on the wall, but spills a bottle when a fly bites her. Fenton notices the acid, but CJ is more concerned that the fly bite is swelling. He offers to suck out the poison, and she tells him not to.

The student nurse, Jenny, is tending to Gabe when Ray brings Suki in for her case of poison ivy. He tries to reassure her and says he'll go out and do the whole assignment for them. As he goes, Gabe warns him that he doesn't a chance with Suki. Ray responds by slapping his sprained ankle.

Ian checks the PDA and finds footage of Phillips running through the woods, recording himself. On the recording Phillips says that something pulled him back when he tried to escape. Phillips then drops the PDA and Ian can see him being pulled away. Ian goes looking for Phillips and hears Redfang growling in the woods. As he runs away, he almost stumbles into a bear trap. Cal is there, and wonders why Ian keeps following him. He demands that Ian stop following him and then attacks him. As they struggle, they fall down a slope and find a gate to an underground complex. Working together, they open it and Cal invites Ian to go in first.

Fenton brings CJ to the infirmary and shows Nurse the fly bite. He tells CJ that he'll finish the assignment, and that he can read her and knows how much her and her friends mean to each other.

Ian and Cal enter the tunnel, and Ian realizes that Cal was looking for it all along. Cal admits he's been looking for it for over a year, and thought it was a Gnome bunker. He figures that Redfang lives there, and says that he's going to become a legend by escaping. Ian tells him that they're also planning to escape, but Cal doesn't believe him because CJ would have told him if she was involved. As they proceed, Ian insists on using string from the vest to trace their path back.

CJ and Suki meet at the observatory, and CJ worries that Ian is still out there. Suki goes over the specimens they gather, and notes that they come from different regions. There is no way to identify where they are.

Cal admits to Ian that the string was a good idea, and Ian complains that Cal only thinks of himself. In response, Cal explains that he was a star athlete at home and everything came easy. Then he heard the static and woke up at Tower Prep. He threw himself into sports and took out his frustrations playing Buffer. As they walk, the string suddenly jerks away behind them and they hear Redfang growling. Cal is unable to pick up the source due to the echoes. Gnomes approach them from all directions and the two students prepare to fight. However, the Gnomes ignore them and run past, with Redfang in pursuit. The creature appears down the tunnel, and Ian and Cal run for it, taking refuge in a chamber. Gnomes arrive and capture Ian, ignoring Cal. When Ian fights back, Cal tells them to stop and then runs off with the Gnomes. Redfang enters the chamber behind Ian and closes in.

In the infirmary, Gabe braces himself and tries to leave, and Jenny asks what he's doing. He asks if anyone has heard from Ian, but Jenny doesn't know anything. She insists that he has to stay with her and keep pressure off of his foot.

Ian wakes up outside of the gate.

Gabe finally gets impatient and leaves the infirmary.

In the tunnels, Cal is held by the Gnomes. Outside, Ian tries to go back but is unable to move the gate. He tunes in the Gnome translator and hears Cal talking to him, He explains that this is why he came, as one of the head Gnomes approaches him. Cal tells Ian to keep an eye on CJ, and then the Gnomes put a helmet on him.

Gabe arrives at the observatory, and Ian arrives a few moments later. He explains that Redfang protected him from the Gnomes by throwing him out of its lair, but he doesn't know why. Ian then tells CJ what happened to Cal.

Emily arrives at the infirmary and discovers that Gabe has left. Ray and Fenton arrive , and Emily shows them the map. They all wonder what the others were doing out there.

Later, Ian is telling the other students the story of Cal and his conversion by the Gnomes. Now he's out there with Redfang, waiting for any students that stray from Tower Prep.

In the tunnels, "Redfang" meets with other students who have taken refuge there. The monster removes his cloak and hood, revealing... Phillips. He tells the others that it's too late for Cal, and that the best way they can avoid the Gnomes is to maintain the legend of Redfang.


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