Ian exploring the Forbidden Zone

The Forbidden Zone encompasses the outer boundaries of the school. So far, it seems to be made up mostly of woods. According to signs posted, the area is off limits to both students and faculty from sunset to sunrise. Many mysteries surround this strange territory, such as the gnomes that patrol it and the high walls that create impassable boundaries. These properties act as large obstacles when it comes to figuring out the mysteries of Tower Prep.
Mysteries and miscellaneous topics

Groups: GnomesMonitorsRooksSatoSystemsBrokenExilesBoard of directors
Items: Gnome translatorCorvus H-40Chemica DesinWhat We KnowSeñor Guapo
Locations: Tower Prep (school)Forbidden ZoneGnome bunkerGraveyardMedical labObservatoryPerimeter wallTunnelsWest CampusWhisper RoomYellow elevator