Gabe Forrest
Gabe Forrest
Role: Student
Ability: Hyper-suasion
Played by: Ryan Pinkston
First appearance: New Kid

Gabriel Lexington Forrest (usually known as Gabe) is a student at Tower Prep. He is something of a class clown who uses his power of "hyper-suasion" to talk his way out of trouble. Gabe has a beloved sock monkey named Señor Guapo. He's looking for a way to escape the school, along with Ian Archer, Suki Sato and CJ Ward.


Before Tower PrepEdit

Gabe Forrest had just finished meeting with his parole officer when he heard a buzzing sound through the music speakers in an elevator. He then awoke in the middle of class. He has not told anyone why he was in trouble with the law, only saying that it was a "misunderstanding". ("New Kid") His dad attempted to help get Gabe out of trouble but to no avail. ("Fathers")

At Tower PrepEdit

Welcome to the GroupEdit

Soon after, he teamed up with Suki Sato and CJ Ward in order to make an escape from Tower Prep. He first meets Ian Archer in Science class, making a joke about him. Later, when him, Suki, and CJ are trying to escape, they run into Ian in the woods, who then saves them from the Gnomes. They explain to him what they are trying to do, and what they know about the school and their abilities. As they head back to the school, they are ambushed by Gnomes, who Ian fights off. Gabe attempts to use his ability, hyper-suasion, to talk the gnomes into leaving them alone, but the Gnomes appear resistant to it. They manage to escape with the help of Ian, and return to school safely. In return, they help Ian get back at his roommates by tricking them into running outside naked. Gabe uses his ability to talk Math into busting Ray, Don, and Zack, to much amusement. They then decide to show Ian the observatory and team up with him to escape the school. When Ian asks him if he wrote the note he received in Math, Gabe answers no, along with Suki and CJ.("New Kid")

Secrets of the SchoolEdit

Gabe shares a dorm with Howard Gilmore and The Great Unknown. However, he seems not to be able to get along with either of them, as he constantly hypersuasdes Howard to do his chores, and never talks to the The Great Unknown. Gabe returns from filing a stolen item report (Señor Guapo was stolen) and ends up arguing with Howard about hypersuading him to make his bed. He also tells Ian about The Great Unknown. Gabe is present when Ian is detained by Monitors during Science, when he is charged with theft and grand larceny. Gabe vows to help Ian prove his innocence along with CJ and Suki. ("Monitored")

The group works all day asking around trying to see if they can find the real culprit, but to no avail. When they meet that night in the observatory they realize they need Ian in order to have a better idea of who is behind this. Gabe says "Yeah, almost a much as my sock monkey". But then, Ian appears, seemingly just coming out of the floor, which they soon discover is actually a system of underground tunnels. Ian then says "Almost as much?" referring to what Gabe had said. ("Monitored")

The next day during breakfast, Howard asks Gabe if they are still on for movie night, but Gabe takes a raincheck, not noticing Howard's disappointment. When Ian sits down, he accidentally spills something, forcing Chelsea to go get paper towels. However, this is so Ian can return Gabe's sock monkey which he found in the tunnels, much to Gabe's happiness. Later that night in the observatory, Suki sows his sock monkey back up for him, and they start to plan for how they will find the thief. Gabe agrees to search the tunnels with Ian while CJ and Suki cover for Ian in his room. To assist Gabe and Ian, Suki creates an app for their PDAs allowing them to brighten up the screen so they can see in the dark better. After switching off with Suki and CJ, Gabe and Ian venture down into the tunnels, and soon pick up the trail of beads. However, a hooded figure ambushes Gabe and Ian, and knocks them down beneath the floor, before vanishing.("Monitored")

Gabe and Ian manage to pick themselves up and keep moving through the tunnels, soon coming across an abandoned laboratory, and begin to speculate what the school's purpose is for them. They continue to move through the tunnels, trying to find the thief. However, they soon spot Gnomes moving throughout the tunnels, and are forced to hide, realizing that this was how the Gnomes move throughout the school. Gabe and Ian quickly move through the tunnels attempting to hide from the gnomes when they run into CJ. She tells them that Ian's roommates came back early and that Suki will call them when it is safe to return. They continue to search the tunnels when Ian discovers a hidden side room, with a bed and various stolen items. When they find the thief had been listening to Fenton Capwell's opera recordings, they begin to suspect Fenton is actually the thief, stealing the recordings from himself to avoid suspicion. Suddenly, the thief appears, but then flees causing Ian to give chase. They, however, lose track of the thief in the dark, which seemingly does not hamper the thief.("Monitored")

Gabe goes with Ian and the others to question Fenton the next day, accusing him of being the thief. However, he gives an alibi of getting music from his neighbors the night before, which CJ then confirms using her ability. They become frustrated, realizing they are back to square one, when Fenton becomes angry for tracking dirt into the his room and falsely accusing him. This causes Ian to remember something and asks Gabe if he made Howard clean his shoes, but when Gabe says that he never had Howard clean his shoes, they realizes it must have been his own shoes he was cleaning. They decide to pay a visit to his roommate, leaving Fenton clueless.("Monitored")

That night, Gabe is working in his room with Howard, CJ and Suki come on saying Ian is missing, shortly followed by Ian rushing to Gabe's room, claiming to be chased by Monitors, and throws a bust to Howard when the lights cut off. When the lights cut back on, the group sees Howard caught the bust easily in the dark, confirmed by Gabe when he reveals Howard's ability as tetrachromatic vision, allowing him to see in the dark. Howard confesses to being the thief, and says it was always hard for him to make friends and that he was jealous of Gabe and Ian's friendship, causing Gabe to feel guilty for ignoring him. However, Gabe agrees with Ian about Howard needing to turn himself in to clear Ian's name, which Howard agrees to.("Monitored")

During the Tribunal, Howard confesses his crimes, and Ian gives the Tribunal a box filled with stuff Howard stole. When Science asks Howard about he managed to get in and out of the dorms, Howard lies and says that he waited till dark before sneaking into the rooms, not mentioning tunnels. Before the Tribunal ends, Gabe stands up for Howard by admitting he constantly hypersuaded Howard to do things for him, and that the he reason he framed Ian was to get back at him. Headmaster however, sees otherwise and sentences Howard to six weeks at West Campus. Due to Howard's internment at West Campus, Ian is offered to move into Gabe's room, which he promptly does.("Monitored")

Unlike the other members of the group, Gabe has no problem working on his drawing, which is of Señor Guapo. He is pleased with himself, as CJ points out using her ability, since his eyes get wider as he works. The next day, he notes Headmaster looking over the projects, and smiles when he sees his drawing of his sock monkey. However, CJ points out to the group that Headmaster became tense and angry when he saw Suki's drawing although they do not know why that is. After class ends, Gabe and the others hang back in the hallway to see what Headmaster is up to. Shockingly, the group sees Headmaster tearing up Suki's drawing, before leaving barely able to conceal his anger, leaving the group clueless.("Whisper")

That night, Gabe, Ian, and CJ are in the observatory, trying to figure out what the object Suki found is. It puzzles them on why Headmaster would be so angry about it. Their thoughts are interrupted when CJ receives a text from Suki, saying she is being followed by a monitor. This puzzles the group further as to why this thing is so important to Headmaster. Thankfully, Suki texts a few minutes later, saying she is safely in her room. Ian asks if they could look it up on Whisper, but CJ says she tried but is unable to when she doesn't know what to search for. That's when Gabe suggests that they visit a student he knows, Winslow, who has an edetic memory, and says if anyone would know, it would be him.("Whisper")

Gabe and Ian head over to Winslow's room and show him the object, which he says he has never seen before. Winslow goes on to say that he recognizes many of the components in the object, saying they are computer parts, but dates the object to the late 40's or 50's. However, Winslow tells them that if that were so, then it would be way ahead of it's time. In summary, he says it is a vacuum tube from an old computer that simulates organic DNA. He then asks how them found it, but Ian attempts to trick him into thinking that they told him, but Winslow sees right through it. Gabe tries to convince that they did, but is rendered speechless when Winslow perfectly recalls the first time they met, and how Gabe couldn't even hypersuade him. Gabe comments sarcastically about how it must be hard to be him, which Winslow agrees with, not noting the sarcasm. Winslow then goes back to starting at a random trinket, and Gabe and Ian leave, trying to figure out how to best use this new information. ("Whisper")

Upon returning to the Observatory, they find Suki has just arrived from her room, via the tunnels. They share their new found information with her, and upon learning this she suggest they try asking Whisper about the vacuum tube. Whisper confirms it's a vacuum tube to a computer, and then asks the group where they found it. Ian ignores the question and asks her if it was a computer used at Tower Prep. She replies by saying a long time ago, and insistently asks them where they found it. This annoys Gabe to the point where he tries hypersuading her into forgetting about it, but fails due to her not being human. He becomes further annoyed when she calls him by his full name, Gabriel, instead of Gabe. Ian continues his questioning, asking why would it make Headmaster so angry, and what it was used for. She remains silent for a minute before restating what she said earlier that it was vacuum tube, much to the group's frustration. ("Whisper")


Gabe has the ability of "hyper-suasion", allowing him to persuade people to do anything he wants, if he can talk to them long enough. Gabe claims that he won't use his ability to manipulate his friends unethically. According to him, the ability can be turned on and off, although he doesn't have it completely under control. ("Monitored") At one point, he appears to persuade Hubert Kovalev without even saying anything.

Gabe's ability seems to have severe limitations. It does not work on machines like Whisper 119, and gnomes seem to be at least resistant to it. A person's ability to resist him is possibly greater if they are aware he is trying to use his ability on them. Further, Gabe's "nemesis" is an unnamed monitor who is completely immune to his hyper-suasion. ("Book Report") Numerous others, including West Campus monitors, Headmaster and Ian seem to resist Gabe's hyper-suasion easily, indicating that his ability is not particularly reliable.


Gabe is dubbed the class clown. Despite his nerdy looks, he is an average student at Tower Prep. Gabe is often referred to having problems wetting the bed but it is not known to be true (according to Gabe himself). Gabe seems to have a very imaginative mind believing his sock monkey to be his best friend. Unfortunately, he is often picked on and bullied. Gabe also displays loyalty, as when he stood up for CJ when the Rooks crashed her party and when his friends Suki and CJ were sick from Chemica Desin, he was willing to stay with them and miss out on his election speech.


  • Gabe's typical Thursday breakfast is carrot cake waffles, six strips of bacon, a cinnamon roll, and a double cappuccino.

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