Gnome translator
The gnome translator


Radio transceiver/translator

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The Gnome translator or transceiver is a device that can listen in on Gnome transmissions.

It was originally owned by History, and it's unknown how he obtained it. He seemed to use it to communicate with Gnomes, or at least summon Gnomes to its location. After CJ and Gabe took it from History's office, Suki managed to modify the device to decode the Gnomes' scrambled transmissions. This led to the discovery that the Gnomes are students. With these modifications, the device can only listen, not transmit. ("Buffer")

Ian continues to use the device to track the movements of the Gnomes, and uses it to hear Cal's final message to him before Cal became a Gnome. ("Field Trip")

Ian gives it to Conner, but he was captured by the Gnomes and most likely had it confiscated.("Snitch")

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