Book report grave2
The group examines the open grave


Forest (Forbidden Zone)

The graveyard is hidden in the forest in the Forbidden Zone outside Tower Prep. Ian and his friends were led here by notes left by Norman, who had discovered this location earlier.

It contains a number of small grave markers labeled only with mysterious Latin phrases. The names Ardipithecus hominis and Robustus rosensus are similar to scientific names used to classify living organisms, but do not match known species. "Ardipithecus" is a genus of hominins, early ancestors of humans and chimpanzees that lived approximately 4 million years ago. "Robustus" is Latin for "robust" and is used in the scientific names of many species, though never as a genus name, as it seems to be used here.

One grave has been dug up (either by Norman or someone who came before him) and contains a wooden coffin with skeletal remains inside. Presumably, this headless skeleton is the origin of the cyclops skull Ian found in Norman's locker. Inside the grave, there was a tunnel that collapsed before Ian could explore it. It's unknown whether this tunnel was actually a way to escape the school grounds, or if it went nowhere and was just part of Norman's "test" for Ian. ("Book Report")

In his life story, Cornelius Tower claimed that he created hoaxes such as the cyclops skull to trick people into thinking he was crazy. It's possible that this graveyard was built by him as a sort of "pet cemetery" for the fake creatures he created. ("Dreams")

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