Head Master
Role: Headmaster
Ability: Preflex
Played by: Ted Whitall
First appearance: New Kid

Headmaster (or Head Master) is the administrator of Tower Prep . His real name is unknown; like the teachers at the school, he is known only by his job title. Though his first name is not known, his last name may be Ward because he is the father of CJ Ward.

Headmaster seems to be a stern and intelligent leader who claims that his school is dedicated to the development of students with unique potential through his "Program." Headmaster watches the entire campus through Whisper 119's security camera network and directly commands his monitors, who enforce the rules. He also refers to the Gnomes as guardians, although it's not yet clear how much control he has over them, or what their real purpose is. ("Monitored")


Prior to becoming HeadmasterEdit

In 1971, Headmaster was a student at Tower Prep and witnessed the original use of Chemica Desin there. He has known Nurse since that time, when she was a student faculty member. He strongly disagreed with the sixth Headmaster's philosophy that the kids would be better off if their abilities could be removed. ("Election") He became the member of the Rooks along with Coach, and eventually attained the rank of "Most Exalted One". ("Rooks") Headmaster also taught Coach how to fight while he was a student. At some point before becoming headmaster of the school, he had a daughter, Candice (CJ Ward) who showed talent for an ability, and brought her to Tower Prep with him. ("Fathers")

After becoming HeadmasterEdit

Headmaster is the current Headmaster of Tower Prep. He takes a special interest in Ian Archer and has him brought to his office after watching Ian wander about the school. He has a psychological profile of Ian, and most likely of every student. He expresses interest in having Ian comply with The Program, which Ian is resisting against. Headmaster also says that his parents know where he is and that he shouldn't worry. ("New Kid")

Headmaster has Ian brought to him after monitors discover stolen items in his room. It is Headmaster's wish to see this matter settled before anyone else gets involved. However, when Ian denies stealing anything, Headmaster says he wants to believe him, but according to school policy, he must call a student tribunal. He gives Ian four days to come up with his defense, and also assigns him a monitor, Chelsea Sloan, to be with him at all times. During the Tribunal, he hears Howard Gilmore's confession to the crimes Ian was charged with and sentences him to six weeks in West Campus. Headmaster tells Ian that he had a feeling that he'd be found innocent, and asks him if he wants to have Howard's spot in his room, which Ian accepts. ("Monitored")

As part of his duties as Headmaster, he routinely observes classes to check on students' progress. By either chance or design, he happens to check on Art's class while Ian is attending. When Ian questions the value of an art class when the school is supposed to be training them in the use of their skills, Headmaster counters by saying the school isn't 'training' them, it's helping them understand their unique skill and become better tuned with it. From this, he proposes a homework assignment of each student making a work of art that represents what their unique skill means to them.("Whisper")

When Headmaster returns the following class to examine the projects, he is pleased to see how well the students did, until he comes to Suki Sato's project. He quickly recognizes Suki's drawing as a Vacuum Tube from the former school AI, Whisper 23, who was thought to be destroyed. He manages to conceal his anger and tells the class he is proud of them, right before class is dismissed. After the class leaves, Headmaster looks at Suki's drawing one last time, before taking it and tearing it up into pieces. He then leaves, trying to conceal his anger and frustration. When he is back in his office, he assigns a monitor to tail Suki, in order to hopefully find out where she found the Vacuum Tube. Later that day, the monitor reports back, saying Suki just turned in for the night, and there was no suspicious activity. ("Whisper")

Although Headmaster publicly declares that the Rooks are unsanctioned on campus, Headmaster secretly was (or perhaps still is) the leader of the Rooks, and commands the loyalty of Coach and perhaps others who are former Rooks. ("Rooks")

Later, Headmaster is conducting business with Tower Prep graduate Shinji Sato. Headmaster also tells Ian that his mother was right when she told him that it was very dangerous for him. It appears that he answers to a board of trustees, a group of businessmen in which he confirms the escaped students calling themselves "the Broken" have been taken care of and that anyone who does not conform to Tower Prep regulations will be re-balanced, specifically Ian Archer.("Trust")

Headmaster sends Gabe to West Campus for hiding Chemica Desin. After finding out who the intruder was, he sends Gnomes to capture Conner, then calls Dr. Specs to interrogate him and that Satosystems must not learn about the break-in. In his next call he speed dials a mysterious "2" and says "I need to talk to you". He later sends Gnomes to ambush Ian. Headmaster revealed he trained Coach in martial arts and nearly defeats Ian in hand-to-hand combat until CJ betrays him. It is revealed from Whisper 120 that Headmaster is secretly working with Cornelius Tower and one other unknown individual to restore Tower Prep to its original values. ("Fathers")


Headmaster ability has not been revealed. However, he is clearly a master in martial arts fighting. ("Fathers")

It is possible that Headmaster's ability is Preflex, or another ability associated with future events. It's said that he trained coach to fight.

Goals and secret allianceEdit

Like every headmaster that runs Tower Prep, Headmaster has his own program. Although Headmaster is pretending to work with the board of directors, he is secretly working to bring the school back to being a positive force in the world. He states that his intentions are the same as Ian's, and that he is not a villain. He believes the "higher cause" he and his daughter are working towards will protect people far beyond the walls of Tower. After the four escape, Whisper 120 reveals that the students of Tower, The Broken, and The Exiles, would be fighting alongside Headmaster and Cornelius to restore Tower Prep to its original purpose. Whom Headmaster will be fighting against and why is a mystery.


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