Howard Gilmore
Role: Student
Ability: Tetrachromatic (Night Vision)
Played by: Jarod Joseph
First appearance: Monitored

Howard Gilmore is a student at Tower Prep and was originally a roommate of Gabe Forrest and The Great Unknown.


Before Tower PrepEdit


Howard Gilmore was often on the fringes of the social scene before he came to Tower Prep. It did not help when his ability began to develop, for when he tried to tell others, they often disbelieved him or called him weird, alienating him further.

At Tower PrepEdit

False AcceptanceEdit

After Howard arrived at Tower Prep, he began to feel more accepted around other people with abilities. However, soon he began to feel alienated again and found himself of the fringe of the social scene. It did not help when his roommate, Gabe Forrest, began to hypersuade him into doing chores for him. Eventually, Howard discovered a network of tunnels underground, and began to explore them using his ability. As time went by though, he began to lash out against his fellow students by stealing things from them, and keeping them in a hidden hideout he made in the tunnels. ("Monitored")

The Fall GuyEdit

Howard meets Ian Archer when Ian comes looking for Gabe in his room. Ian inquires why he is making Gabe's bed, when Howard realizes Gabe hypersuased him into doing Gabe's chores again. He then argues with Gabe about this, which Ian breaks up. Howard becomes jealous of Gabe's friendship with Ian and plans to lash out against him. The next day, Ian is charged with theft and grand larceny, and Howard refers to Ian as 'our favorite menace to society', knowing it was actually himself who did the crime and planted the stuff in Ian's dresser. He then asks Gabe if they are still on for movie night, but looks disappointed and alienated when Gabe takes a rain check, and leaves the table, claiming he had homework.("Monitored")

When he finds Ian and Gabe searching around in the tunnels, he attacks Ian and Gabe, knocking down beneath the floor, before running off. He then trails them, trying to make sure they don't find his hideout, but when they discover it, he is forced to flee from Ian, who gives chase. However, due to Howard's ability, he is able to escape, while Ian and the others are hampered by the darkness. ("Monitored")

Real AcceptanceEdit

The next night, while Howard is working in his room with Gabe, CJ Ward and Suki Sato burst in, saying Ian is missing, and that the monitors are looking everywhere for him. Ian suddenly bursts in carrying a bust found down in Howard's hideout, and throws it to Howard while Suki cut the lights off. Due to his ability, Howard is able to catch it effortlessly in the dark, condemning himself in the process. He confesses to what he did to Gabe and the others, who feel sorry for him. In the end he agrees to turn himself in, in order to clear Ian's name. During the Tribunal, Howard confesses fully to his crimes, leaving out one detail. When Science asks how he got into the dorms without being seen, he lies and says he waited till dark to enter, keeping the secret of the tunnels between him, Ian, Gabe, CJ, and Suki. Headmaster sentences him to six weeks detention in the West Campus, where he remains currently.("Monitored")


Howard has tetrachromatic vision, meaning that he can see beyond the visible spectrum of light. This allows him to see dark places as if they were lit up. At first, before coming to Tower Prep, he could only see shadows, but training at the school has allowed him to see in pitch dark rooms and hallways.


Howard considers himself to always be on the fringe of the social scene, leading him to eventually to become easily hurt and alienated by his peers. He is very sensitive to what others think of him, and is badly hurt when he thinks others don't want to be around him or friends with him.


With Other StudentsEdit

Ian ArcherEdit

Howard soon starts to become jealous of Ian, as Ian and Gabe's friendship grows. Howard lashes out at Ian, framing him for theft, as he feels that Ian is the reason that Gabe doesn't hang out with him or acts like a friend to him. Eventually, Howard comes to terms with his actions and turns himself in order to clear Ian's name.

Gabe ForrestEdit

Howard and Gabe were roommates, although not very close ones. Howard tried to make Gabe his friend, but was hurt when Gabe constantly hypersuaded him to do Gabe's chores. Howard eventually stole Gabe's sock monkey in revenge, and after becoming jealous of Gabe's friendship with Ian, framed Ian for it. However, after being forced to admit to the group that he committed the crimes and why, Gabe feels guilty and asks Howard why he didn't say anything. Gabe later stands up for Howard during the Tribunal and says he will share whatever punishment Howard receives. However, Headmaster sees otherwise, but Howard is touched by Gabe's attempted sacrifice.


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