Role: Student
Ability: Preflex
Played by: Andrew Jenkins
First appearance: Rooks

Jeremy (also referred to by the codename Odin or the Most Exalted One) is a student at Tower Prep and was the leader of the Rooks.


Tower PrepEdit

Under Jeremy's leadership, the Rooks recruited members with strong combat abilities, which led him to target Ian Archer. He also used Corvus H-40 in the fraternity's ceremonial "Raven's Blood" drink to accelerate his powers. Egotistical and cruel, Jeremy put Gabe through a series of humiliating trials even though he never planned to allow him into the Rooks. He also is unable to take rejection, as he used the Rooks to ruin CJ's dance simply because she rejected his advances. In the end, Gabe used his hyper-suasion ability to get Jeremy to take off his mask in public, which led to Jeremy being punished for being a Rook and sent to West Campus. ("Rooks")

West CampusEdit

While in West Campus Jeremy and two of his Rook friends gang up on Gabe, who has recently been sent there, sending him a bird talon as a message that he will "die by the talon." Gabe's roommate Demetrius Wingham intimidates them, protecting Gabe for a while. Later however, Jeremy and his Rooks capture Demetrius and try to attack Gabe in a locker room, only to be stopped by Ian and the others. After fighting Ian and almost defeating him, Jeremy is finally knocked out by CJ, who gets her revenge on Jeremy for ruining her dance. ("Fathers")


Jeremy is unusually vindictive, and somewhat narcissistic. Shown when he gets pleasure in humiliating others and not afraid to hurt others to get back at them for an action they did against him. We are never shown how he acts among his friends, so it is difficult to say what he is really like in normal circumstances. The only time we see Jeremy he is acting as an antagonist, as he has differing agenda towards the leading characters of the series; CJ, Gabe, Suki and Ian. He seems particularly antagonistic towards Gabe. Possibly because Gabe has no physical power. Perhaps the uncertain and powerless situation at Tower Prep has led Jeremy to overcompensate and to try to create a situation where he doesn't feel quite so vulnerable. The other Rooks seem to follow him without question, and to like and even respect Jeremy. Why they feel this way is not something we are shown. Another area that he seems vulnerable in is interaction with the opposite sex. He is very sensitive about rejection as shown by his angry actions at the dance after CJ rejected him.

He also fully believes in the Rook's rule: "Live by the Wing, Die by the Talon". Although we do not know of any reason to assume he would kill anyone, and it is very doubtful that he would. It is suggested that Jeremy is very empowered by the presence of the other Rooks, so that he feels much stronger in their presence, and is reluctant to act without them.


Jeremy has the same preflex ability as Ian, making him one of the few who could potentially beat Ian in hand-to-hand combat.


  • His name "Odin" refers to the ruler of the Norse gods.



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