The following is the list of episodes of Tower Prep. The first season contains 13 episodes and aired on Cartoon Network from October to December 2010.

Season 1: 2010[edit | edit source]

# Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 New Kid Terry McDonough Paul Dini October 16, 2010 (preview)
October 19, 2010 (official)
Ian Archer is abducted and taken to the mysterious Tower Prep. When he tries to escape, he meets and befriends fellow students C.J. Ward, Gabe Forrest, and Suki Sato. Together, they pledge to investigate the mysteries of the school and find a way out.
2 Monitored Thomas Wright Paul Dini October 26, 2010
Ian is accused of a series of thefts and must clear his name by catching the real thief in a maze of tunnels underneath the school.
3 Whisper James Wong Glen Morgan November 2, 2010
To discover who's been sending secret notes to Ian, the group must shut down Whisper 119, and in the process they discover an older version of Whisper, Whisper 23.
4 Buffer Peter DeLuise Glen Morgan November 9, 2010
To uncover information about the gnomes, Ian must join Coach History's buffer team.
5 The Rooks Thomas Wright Aury Wallington November 16, 2010
Ian and Gabe are initiated into a secret fraternity called the Rooks, and CJ plans a school dance.
6 Book Report Peter DeLuise Darin Morgan November 23, 2010
A mysterious book sends Ian on an odyssey when he finds an escape plan written in the margins.
7 Election Mike Rohl Riley Stearns November 30, 2010
Gabe decides to run for class president. Meanwhile, an illness causes students to lose their abilities.
8 Field Trip Dwight Little Paul Dini December 7, 2010
The group uses a field trip into the woods as an opportunity to search for escape and encounters a legend about a creature called Redfang.
9 Dreams Brenton Spencer Darin Morgan December 14, 2010
Cryptic dreams lead to clues about the founder of Tower Prep.
10 Phone Home Michael Robison Aury Wallington December 21, 2010
The group attempts to place a phone call to the outside world, and Suki discovers that her brother, whom she believed was dead, is working with Headmaster.
11 Trust Mike Rohl Riley Stearns December 21, 2010
Cal Rice returns, but Ian suspects him of being a spy. Ian makes contact with a rebel group of former students known as the Broken.
12 Snitch Thomas Wright Jeff Eckerle & Marilyn Osborne December 28, 2010
Conner returns and claims he knows how to escape Tower Prep. One member of the group is revealed to be a mole and informing for the Headmaster.
13 Fathers Dwight Little Glen Morgan December 28, 2010
The group must reunite to rescue Gabe from West Campus and escape from Tower Prep.
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