Lydia Archer
Played by: Patricia Harras
First appearance: New Kid

Lydia Archer is the mother of Ian Archer and wife of Michael Archer.


Before Ian goes to Tower PrepEdit

Lydia Archer and her husband, Michael Archer, are forced to lecture their son, Ian Archer, on how he should have reacted to a bullying situation, when Ian comes home suspended. Ian, becoming rather angry at their lecturing, wonders why they want to change who he is. Lydia, taken aback by Ian's statement, replies "You haven't even begun to realize who you are". After the conversation ends, Ian recedes to his room, and later that night he is taken to Tower Prep, with or without his parents notice. ("New Kid")

After Ian is at Tower PrepEdit

Weeks later, Ian wakes up on his birthday feeling homesick. After being given a surprise birthday cake by his friends, Ian demands of Headmaster that he talks to his parents. To Ian's great surprise he is granted permission. Ian remembers Lydia's tradition of saying "merry Christmas" on his birthday, but when he supposedly speaks to his mother, she congratulates him, "Happy birthday, Ian." Ian, dismayed by this one clue, confides to CJ, Gabe, and Suki. Confident that this voice was not his mother, Ian concludes that it was Whisper 119, which is later confirmed when Ian speaks to Whisper a second time. Later on, Ian uses a modified PDA phone to contact his real mother. After a stunned silence, she tells Ian that making this call is very dangerous. She tells her son "Merry Christmas, Ian" and the call ends. ("Phone Home")


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