Season 1, Episode 2
Airdate: October 26, 2010
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Director: Thomas J. Wright
"New Kid"

"Monitored" is the second episode of season one of Tower Prep. Ian must prove his innocence after he is framed for a series of thefts.


Whisper 119 broadcasts over the school intercoms and wakes Ian up. He goes for his jog and chats with two of the female students, and then trains with Coach. Coach says that he can achieve much more at Tower Prep than just martial art moves, and Ian realizes that he's different than the other teachers. When Ian persists in his questions, Coach points out some distant buildings and says they're West Campus, where students are sent for detention. He warns Ian not to ask more questions, and Ian realizes that he was a student there. Coach throws him and warns him that he can never take his eyes off his opponent.

Ian is dressing for the day in his room, and Don taunts him about how he's become a perfect proge. Once he's done, Ian goes to Gabe's room and finds his friend's roommate, Howard Gilmore, making Gabe's bed. Once Ian points out that Gabe has used his power to get him to do his chores, Howard snaps at Gabe when he returns. Gabe says that he was out filing a missing property report, and Ian invites them to breakfast. Howard wonders if Gabe wants him along as a friend, and Gabe insists that he does. Ian admits that he wishes he could move in with them, and wonders where their other roommate is. They point out that he's bundled up in the bed, sleeping, and they never see him and don't know his name.

Ian and Gabe get breakfast, train, and go to class. Science lectures on the ability of fish to see beyond the visible light spectrum, and gives them homework on visible and invisible light I the color spectrum. Three student monitors come in and take Ian away on charges of larceny.

Ian is taken to Headmaster's office, and the man explains that some of the stolen items turned up in Ian's cupboard. Some of the others, such as Fenton's personal recordings of himself singing opera and Gabe's sock monkey. He asks Ian for the truth, but Ian insists that he's innocent. Headmaster says that he has to call a tribunal, and tells Ian that he'll have to convince the tribunal of his innocent. He then assigns a monitor, Chelsea Sloan, to watch him at all times. As they go, Chelsea insists that Tower Prep gave her direction, and she's just giving back. Chelsea ushers away one of he victims, Fenton Capwell, and Ian talks to his friends. He asks them to look around, but Chelsea tosses him into a closet and warns that if they help him, they'll end up on trial with him.

The next day, Ian wakes up and jogs, and the other students insist they know he's innocent. He asks them for help, but Chelsea warns them off. Meanwhile, Gabe goes to talk to another victim and uses his power to get her to suggest any other suspects.

Ian spars with Coach, who warns that he's on the tribunal and can't discuss the case. He does tell Ian to learn to power through adversity, and then throws him away. Chelsea says the same thing, and Ian executes a jumping kick off the wall.

Suki talks to Fenton's neighbor and suggests he might have stolen his recordings because they couldn't stand his music.

That night, Ian gives up trying to study and suggests to Chelsea out in the hallway that they go for food. She tells him to go to bed, and Ian bounces a ball off the wall. He hears a hollow sound and realizes there's a passage behind the walls. Investigating, Ian finds passageways behind the walls. After loudly declaring he's going to bed for Chelsea's benefit, Ian slips into the passageways.

Gabe, CJ, and Suki are in the observatory trying to figure out how to prove Ian's innocence when Ian slips in through a hidden panel. They figure the thief is using the panels to get into the students' rooms. With time running out until curfew begins and Ray and Don return and discover Ian is gone, Ian goes back through the passageways and passes Headmaster's office. He hears Headmaster asking Whisper 119 for an analysis on the Gnome helmet, and a report of what the students answered on Science's light-frequency homework.

Lost in the passageways, Ian finds himself in the closet in Gabe's room. He sees Howard polishing shoes in the darkness, and realizes where he is. He tries to get to his room directly below, but ends up in the girls' room. Don and Ray are in there going through the girls' possessions. When they come in, the boys claim they were trying to find the thieves, but the girls don't believe them. Ian heads across and comes across Gabe's sock monkey, and realizes that it's leaking beads after the thief dropped it. Just before Don and Ray enter the room, Ian gets back.

The next morning, Ian joins the others at breakfast, and Howard asks if Gabe wants to go to a movie with him that night. Gabe turns him down to help Ian, and Howard walks away. When Chelsea won't let Ian talk to his friends, he spills orange juice so she has to go get a cleanup cloth. He quickly gives Gabe his sock monkey back and tells them to meet in the observatory once he sneaks away from Chelsea. Later, they meet and Ian suggests that they follow the stuffing beads and locate the thief.

That night, the others use the secret passageways to meet Ian in his room. Suki has rigged the boys' PDAs to emit light and transmit text messages underground. She and CJ stay in the room to cover for Ian's absence while Gabe and Ian track the thief. Suki uses her ability to impersonate Ian's voice, but Don and Ray come back from the movie early when someone steals the DVD. Suki sends CJ to warn the boys while she hides beneath the covers and pretends to be asleep. However, she snickers when Don boasts about how the girls were impressed with him. Don starts to pull the blanket away and demands to know who Ian thinks is attractive, and "Ian" says that he thinks Suki is hot.

In the tunnels, Ian and Gabe fall through a weak section of the flooring and end up in the tunnels beneath Tower Prep. They discover that there are a series of laboratories and operating theaters from the 1940s, and they wonder if the staff at the time experimented on the students, using Tower Prep as a prison. The Gnomes come in, using the tunnels to move throughout the building. The boys hide until the Gnomes go past, and then head back. CJ finds them and tells them that Suki will warn them when it's safe to come back.

Ian and the others continue their search and find the thief's secret lair. All of the stolen items are there, including Fenton's operettas and a pair of headphones. They figure that the thief must be Fenton, since no one likes his singing, and then hear the thief approaching. He realizes that they are there and runs away. They try to chase him, but Suki calls them and the lights on their PDAs waver. The thief gets away in the darkness and the trio figure that the thief won't come back now that they've found his lair.

After finding their way back, Ian and the others confront Fenton. Who is listening to music on an MP3 player. They accuse him of stealing from the students, but Fenton says that the girls helped him download the music at the same time they were chasing the thieves. Realizing that Fenton has an alibi, the group isn't sure what to do until Fenton complains that Gabe's shoes are dirty. Ian remembers seeing Howard polishing shoes and then asks Gabe what his roommate's ability is.

Late, Gabe goes to his room and talks with Howard. CJ and Suki run in and say that Ian is on the loose. Ian charges in, turns off the lights, and tosses a bust to Howard. He easily catches it, and Gabe explains that Howard can see in the darkness. Howard explains that his power made him an outcast, and even when he came to Tower Prep, he was never accepted. Gabe apologizes for taking advantage of him with his hypersuasiveness, and Howard admits that he was jealous one Gabe found Ian and became his friend. Using his gift, Howard used the passageways to create his own kingdom, steal from the students, and frame Ian for the crime. Ian admits that he can understand being on the outside, but that they've came together to fight their captors rather than each other. They invite Howard to join but say that first he has to make things right.

The next day at the tribunal, Howard confesses. Gabe speaks up, insisting that he has some responsibility. Headmaster congratulates him on his desire to stand up for his friend, but says that Howard made his own decisions and will have to pay the price. He sends Howard to West Campus for six weeks as punishment for theft. Afterward, Headmaster congratulates Ian on not blaming his roommates, and tells him that Gabe's room now has an opening.

Don and Ray are relieved to learn that Ian is leaving them... until they find out that Fenton is their new roommate.

Ian moves in with Gabe and his mysterious roommate, who is out of the room. Gabe is glad to have Ian as a roommate... and then starts using his power to convince Ian to do his science homework. Ian warns him to stop, or he'll send the sock monkey to West Campus.


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  • "The Danger In Starting A Fire" by A Day To Remember


  • The movie screening mentioned throughout the episode was The Bicycle Thief, a 1948 Italian neorealist film about a man searching for his stolen bicycle.


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