Monica, a Monitor

Monitors are students at Tower Prep who have volunteered to help enforce the school rules and patrol the school grounds. They take orders directly from Headmaster through earpieces they wear. Monitors wear dark blue sweaters or black jackets instead of the red that other students wear. Like other students, monitors still attend classes for a short time.

When a student is under suspicion of a crime, they can be assigned a monitor who will watch them 24 hours a day. ("Monitored") Monitors have also been assigned to covertly follow students, presumably under Headmaster's orders. ("Whisper")

List of significant monitorsEdit

  • Monica
  • Chelsea Sloan
  • An unnamed monitor (played by Timothy Gledhill) who is immune to hyper-suasion. As such, he is Gabe's arch-nemesis. ("Book Report")
  • An unnamed monitor (played by Nathan Dales) appears in several episodes, including "Whisper", "Rooks", "Election", and "Trust". He is sometimes credited as "Security Monitor" or "Head Monitor", indicating a leadership role.
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