Role: Student
Ability: Perfect Taste
Played by: Christie Stainthhorpe
First appearance: Rooks

Noelle is a student at Tower Prep. She is a friend of CJ and Suki and helped them plan the school dance. She uses her ability to identify the drug Corvus H-40 in the "Raven's Blood" mixture that the Rooks drink. She refers to her boyfriend Jordan as "huggy boob".


Noelle is an extreme supertaster, meaning that she can detect and analyze minute traces of chemical compounds in anything she tastes. This also means she's a very picky eater, as even a few grains of salt can make something taste too salty for her. After drinking a little sip of "Raven's Blood" and taking a little bit of the Corvus H-40, she is even able to detect the watercress left in Suki's saliva in the drink. She is also able to identify the genders of people from which the saliva came: two female, one male. The females were CJ and Suki and the male was Ian.


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