Role: Student
Ability: Unknown, possibly precognition.
Played by: N/A
First appearance: Book Report

Norman (also known as No Man) was a student at Tower Prep, who vanished, possibly escaping.


Norman's ability is most likely precognition, which means he possesses the psychic ability to know future events. This is displayed in the episode "Book Report", because he knew the next person to use the book was Ian Archer, and knew Ian would be investigating the mysteries of Tower Prep. Norman was said to have an uncanny ability to know things, but the only thing he could never figure out was Tower Prep itself; every answer just led to more questions.


For several school terms, Norman was friends with Penny Stosic, who had been assigned to read the book The Odyssey for Dr. Literature's class. He became obsessed with the parallels he saw between the events occurring in the book and people and places at Tower Prep. Using his precognition, he realized that Ian Archer would read this copy of the book in the future, and he wrote notes that would send Ian on a journey to discover the things he had learned. Shortly thereafter, Norman disappeared, never seen at Tower Prep again.

His notes lead Ian to his gym locker by dog-earring the pages of the book, and signing his locker number up-side-down. In his locker was a skull of a cyclops and his gym clothes. His map of the school leads Ian and his friends to discover a graveyard in the woods, where Norman had apparently found the skull and a tunnel in the bottom of a grave that might lead to freedom. However, Norman had set a trap that causes the tunnel to collapse as soon as Ian finds his final message, which states that Ian's journey is not the same as Norman's: Ian can figure out what the school really is, while Norman could not.

Norman's fate is unknown.


According to CJ's reading of his handwriting, Norman is smart and heroic, but he doesn't think he's smart or heroic enough to unravel the mysteries of the school, which is why he left his notes to Ian.


Though only seen once in a picture discovered by Ian Archer, he appears as a stereotypical "nerd". In the picture he appears to be joyous. He is wearing his pants in a high-elevated style, has black hair and oversized glasses.


This section contains fan theories.
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  • Norman may have achieved his goal of finding a way to escape from Tower Prep.
  • It is also possible that Norman may have been captured and turned into a gnome, or that he joined the Broken or Exiles (Connor's Army).
  • Norman also may have joined Connor's army in taking back the school.
    • There is no real evidence for either of these possibilities, other than the fact that these are thought to be the possible fates of students caught in the forbidden zone in the forest.
  • Norman could be the unidentified seventh person who knows about Headmaster's secret plans.
    • Ian, CJ, Suki and Gabe are told about the secret because they passed the test of escaping Tower Prep. ("Fathers")
    • Norman is the only other student who may have successfully escaped.
    • Therefore, if Norman escaped, he may have received the same information and moved on to "the next level" of Tower Prep.

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