The Observatory

Gabe using the telescope.

The Observatory is a disused room at Tower Prep. The room is on one of the upper floors of the main building and was originally used as an observatory, but has since been turned into a storeroom. Ian, Gabe, CJ, and Suki use it as a meeting place normally for discussing what they know about Tower Prep, as it's one of the few places not monitored by the school. The Observatory is connected to the system of secret passages, through a trapdoor floor panel.


Shinji Sato used the room when he was a student. ("Phone Home") Later, CJ, Gabe and Suki found out about the room under unknown circumstances, and started using it as a place to plan their escape. When Ian joined the group, they also showed the room to him. ("New Kid")

Hanging Out

Ian, Gabe, (Senor Guapo) and Suki talking in the observatory.


The room contains several telescopes, one of which was used to look in Coach History's office ("Buffer"). The room also contains miscellaneous items, including numerous scales, furniture, and mounted and stuffed animals. Whisper 23's vacuum tube from the mid 20th century was found there ("Whisper"). Also found in the room were Cornelius Tower's eyeball paperweight and his "Cokie Tower and the Hypnotic 5" record album ("Dreams").

What we know

Ian examines the "What We Know" board.

The "What We Know" boardEdit

The room also contains a bulletin board the group has labeled the "What We Know" board, where they collect artifacts and information they've learned about the school. A virtual version of the What We Know board appears on the official website, which is updated with information from each episode.


  • When in public, Ian uses the name "Galileo" as a code word for the Observatory. Galileo is in reference to Galileo Galilei, an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher whose most notable achievements included improvements to the telescope and consequent astronomical observations.("Monitored")
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