Head Master

The current Headmaster

There have been a number of past Headmasters, and according to Nurse, the policies of Tower Prep change according to the personality of the current Headmaster. Only a few are known:

First Headmaster/founderEdit

Tower Prep was founded by Cornelius Tower some time in the first half of the twentieth century. It is unknown whether he was the first Headmaster.

Sixth HeadmasterEdit

The sixth Headmaster believed that if students' abilities could be removed, there would no longer be any need for Tower Prep. Attempting to make this reality, he authorized the laboratories to create Chemica Desin, a universal inhibitor that can block abilities. However, the chemical proved to be dangerous and caused illness. Presumably because of this disaster, his tenure ended in 1971.

Seventh HeadmasterEdit

The seventh Headmaster came to Tower in 1971 and reversed the policies of his predecessor. Not much else is known about him.

Current HeadmasterEdit

Main article: Headmaster

The current Headmaster was a student at Tower Prep in 1971. He is CJ's father and taught Coach how to fight. His number in the succession of Headmasters is not known.


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