Penny Stosic
Role: Student
Played by: Tracy Spiridakos
First appearance: Book Report

Penny Stosic is a student at Tower Prep. She is the friend of Norman, a student who went missing several terms earlier. Ian initially finds her by tracking down previous owners of his copy of The Odyssey (Norman had borrowed her copy and wrote the notes there), and he is shocked to find her with a green facial mask and hair curlers that make her look like Medusa. Returning later, the group finds out that she had been close friends with Norman, who had been obsessed with the secrets of Tower Prep and the parallels to it he found in the book. After he disappeared, she had no idea whether he was alive or dead. Ian finds Norman's last message to him: the final page of his book and a photograph of Norman himself, with instructions to return it to his "first mate." With the photo returned, Penny places it back in its picture frame and gives it a kiss. ("Book Report")


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