Red-eyed gnome
First appearance: "New Kid"

The red-eyed gnome is the presumed field commander for all the existing gnomes that guard Tower Prep's infrastructure. A single red-eyed gnome is sometimes seen leading squads of green-eyed gnomes. Ian defeats the red-eyed gnome in the fight in the old kitchen under West Campus, but doesn't unmask him. ("Fathers")


The red-eyed gnome's appearance is distinct compared to the other gnomes. Its head-mounted lights that resemble eyes are colored red instead of the standard green lights.


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  • It is reasonable to assume that the red-eyed gnome is in charge of gnome recruitment. Shortly after the gnomes' capture of Cal Rice inside the deep trenches of the Gnome Bunker, the red-eyed gnome steps out from the crowd of surrounding gnomes, looming over Cal as a gnome helmet is lowered onto his head, thus signifying his entry into the elite group.
  • It may also be true that the red-eyed gnome does not share the same disposition about Redfang as do the rest of his team. As Redfang makes his appearance causing the gnomes to scurry off, the red-eyed gnome is not seen amongst them.

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