Role: Former student
Played by: Rhys Williams
First appearance: Field Trip
Last appearance: Trust

Redfang is known to Tower Prep students as a legendary monster that stalks the forest outside the school. In reality, it is a disguise used by a mysterious group of former Tower students called The Broken. It is unknown who the previous people who took up the role as Redfang are, but the costume is currently worn by former student Stephen Phillips.

Although Tower students think Redfang is a Bigfoot-like monster, the real Redfang is actually a person wearing a disguise similar to a ghillie suit.

Phillips[edit | edit source]

Stephen Phillips was Ray Snider and Don Finch missing roommate, whom they mention early in "New Kid". Ray often tells the spook story "Phillips and the Forest Run", claiming that Phillips had tried to escape into the woods, but had been caught by the monster Redfang. The video on the PDA Ian later finds seems to confirm that this is true.

Apparently, Phillips was abducted and has joined a mysterious group operating outside of Tower Prep. Disguised as Redfang, he scares off a group of gnomes that are attacking Ian and (after knocking Ian unconscious) moves him to safety. He later is seen taking off the Redfang costume and telling the other outsiders that the legend of Redfang is the best tool they have to fight the gnomes. ("Field Trip")

Later when Ian is introduced to the Broken, Conrad, the second-in-command, claims that Phillips is going crazy and is starting to think that he really is Redfang. Not long after, Phillips and all the other Broken disappear, and Headmaster claims that they were "mended", which may have been a play on words, meaning they have been eliminated. ("Trust")


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