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"Live by the wing, die by the talon"

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The Rooks are a secret fraternity that operates in Tower Prep. They wear black cloaks with raven masks to conceal their identities. Headmaster states publicly that the Rooks are unsanctioned, although it is later revealed that he was a Rook himself.

Each year, the Rooks select a few new students they consider "elite" and drag them off to the Rooks' lair. In order to join, the selected students must pledge their loyalty to the fraternity with the blood oath "Live by the wing, die by the talon." Then they must drink a ceremonial drink which they call "The Blood of the Raven," which according to Gabe tastes like fruit punch. Pledges or new initiates are called "squabs." The highest-ranking Rook apparently always uses the title "Odin," as Jeremy tells Ian that he could be Odin someday.

"The Blood of the Raven" contains a performance enhancing drug called Corvus H-40 that (according to Coach) amplifies their abilities immensely, but -- after months of use -- causes the user to become dependent on it in order for their ability to work at all.

Known members include:

The elder RooksEdit

It appears that there is a senior version of the Rooks run by Headmaster whom Coach refers to as "Most Exalted One." It is unknown whether Headmaster is the leader of an adult version of the Rooks, or if he simply had been the leader of the Rooks back when he was a student.


Rooks box
  • Hidden in the raven symbol are the initials CT, which stands for Cornelius Tower.
  • The name "Rook" has multiple meanings. "Rook" is a name for a type of crow, and is also the name for a chess piece that is also called the "tower" or "castle." The rook chess piece resembles the top of the Tower Prep logo. "Corvus" is the Latin name for the genus of birds that includes crows and ravens.
  • Gabe states that members of the Rooks go on to become "senators and presidents." This is a reference to the Yale secret society, Skull and Bones, which is said to include wealthy and powerful people and -- much like the Rooks -- uses occult symbolism and reportedly throws recruits into coffins.
  • When Ian first saw a member, he described it as a mutant Gnome wearing a robe.


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  • The fact that the Rooks logo appears on old lab equipment that was used to produce Corvus H-40 suggests that the Rooks are integrally tied in with the history of Tower Prep. Alternately, the emblem might have been used by Cornelius Tower long ago, and the Rooks later adopted it after finding objects such as the carved wooden box that bore the symbol.
  • Coach, Headmaster and Cornelius Tower may all be Senior Rooks and know the original methods of teachings at the school, implying that the Rooks are trying to restore the school to a positive force, and Coach is the seventh person
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