Ross Anderson
Role: Student
Ability: Unknown
Played by: Kacey Rohl
First appearance: Election

Ross Anderson is a student at Tower Prep.

As Emily Wright's ruthless campaign manager, Ross exposed Emily's political rivals to Chemica Desin which she had stolen from the infirmary where she had a work study job. Using what she'd learned in class and Tower's lab equipment, she created a new version of the ability-inhibiting chemical and tried to expose other students such as Fenton and Gabe to it through tainted campaign buttons. After Ian and Emily work together to figure out she was the culprit, Ross was supposedly shipped off to West Campus. In reality however, Nurse and Headmaster were impressed by her abilities and offered to forgive her offenses if she showed them how she had created the new version of Chemica Desin, something she seems to take an instant delight to. ("Election")

In "Snitch" it is found out that Ross had helped upgrade Chemica Desin to Chemica Desin 2.0.

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