Rush Ball
Ray playing Rush Ball

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Rush Ball is a sport played at Tower Prep used to increase speed, agility, and reflexes.


Rush Ball is played in the gym, or Skills Lab, with pillars or walls to provide cover. Players use green, glowing orbs to hit their opponents, eliminating them. Players can either throw the orbs directly at their opponent or use the walls or pillars to ricochet the orbs to hit their opponent. The last player standing wins. It is basically a high-energy version of dodgeball. Shots to the head are not allowed, but players are required to wear safety glasses.

It's not clear why the ball glows green, but they possibly fly farther or ricochet off walls more energetically than ordinary balls.

Unlike Buffer, Rush Ball is a training exercise supervised by Coach. It is not a sports event that is broadcasted in Tower Prep.


Players are divided into two teams. To tell apart team members, one team wears grey sleeveless jerseys over their gym clothes. ("Election")


According to Coach, Ian has never been hit in Rush Ball due to his Preflex. The only time Ian was hit was by Ray Snider in the head. However, Ian was unintentionally infected with Chemica Desin before the game and his Preflex was suppressed momentarily. ("Election")

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