Skills Lab
Skills Lab
Ian and Coach sparring in the lab


Tower Prep

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The Skills Lab is a facility in Tower Prep where students can train to master special abilities. The lab is equipped with a variety of equipment to accommodate the student's various gifts including an equation board, workout equipment, and a virtual fight simulator. There is also a paintball shooting range that is used to test the student's reflexes and agility. West Campus can be viewed from the window of the sparring room in the skills lab. .Coach is responsible for overseeing the skills lab.

Ian Archer developed a routine where he attends the skills lab daily rate after he completes his 7:00 AM run. Headmaster Allowed Ian to continue to have access to the skills lab after he was accused of stealing from his fellow students and placed on monitored supervision. Ray Snider used the labs work out equipment achieved a new personal best weightlifting record.("Monitored")

Coach is seen testing Ian's progress in the painful shooting range. Coach determines Ian cannot yet react to various stimulus is coming from multiple sources but is satisfied with Ian's improvement since he first arrived at tower prep. The Rooks later use the painful shooting range as a testing ground to eliminate candidates to join their fraternity.("Rooks")