Season 1, Episode 12
Airdate: December 28, 2010
Writer(s): Jeff Eckerle & Marilyn Osborne
Director: Thomas Wright

"Snitch" is the twelfth episode of season one of Tower Prep.

Conner Owens returns and claims that he knows a way out of Tower Prep.


The group tries to come up with a new escape plan, now that the Broken are gone. They worry that if the authorities interrogate the Broken, they could find out about their escape plan, and wonder when the hammer will drop. Ian says they need to be careful who they talk to. As they talk, a plane flies over Tower Prep and a parachutist jumps out and lands on the grounds. As Ian goes to help the newcomer, two Monitors try to get into the observatory for a room check. They finally give up when they can't find their keys, and the group hides the "what they know" evidence. With time running out until lockdown, they use the passageways and avoid the Gnomes. Ian goes on recon and Gabe goes after them.

In the dorms, Fenton and Ray wonder if the current activity has anything to do with Emily's disappearance, and suspect that CJ's group may have made a break for it. Ray goes to check on Suki.

Ian heads for Headmaster's office, and listens in via the vent. Shinji is arguing with Headmaster over the recent security breaches, and warns that the Board is considering a more competent Headmaster. Headmaster calls for a status update.

Ray gets to Suki and CJ's room at the same time as the Monitors, and they all discover that CJ and Suki are already there. Suki thanks Ray for his concern and leaves.

Shinji tells Headmaster that he's going to stay until the matter is resolved, and Headmaster tells him to go to his room for security reasons. Once Shinji is gone, Headmaster glances up at the vent where Ian is hiding, and finally closes the shutters.

Gabe gets back to his room just ahead of the Monitors. They try to wake up Ian, who is apparently under his bed. Gabe tells the Monitors that Ian is violently sick, and they quickly leave. Once they're gone, Ian emerges from the passageway in the closet. They realize that the person on Ian's bed is Conner Owen, the man who parachuted in. He tells them that his people need their help to bring down Tower Prep. Conner tells them that he left through the wall, and is surprised to learn that they know there is no wall. Whisper tells the students that a wall exists, and they hacked into Whisper 119 after she developed dreaming. They convinced the computer that it was cruel to keep humans locked up, creating momentary gaps in the wall. However, since Shinji upgraded Whisper 120 and removed her conscience, the wall is now impenetrable. Connor's people studied the blueprints from Tower's office and found a structural weakness in the underground kitchen at West Campus. It's locked from the inside, and Conner has the key. However, he needs the group's Gnome translator to avoid the patrols. Ian agrees, but only if he can accompany him. Conner refuses, saying that Ian is too important.

The next morning, Headmaster tells the students that the previous night's commotion was a training exercise. Ian and Gabe have breakfast and discuss whether to tell CJ and Suki about Conner. They decide not to for the purposes of security. The Monitors arrive to take Ian to Headmaster's office. When Ian gets there, he discovers that Suki is already present. Headmaster asks if Ian trusts him, and Ian says he's done nothing wrong. Suki agrees, and Headmaster shows them the phone for outside calls. The phone log shows an outside call was placed to Ian's parents. Ian denies it and says that anyone could have made the call. Headmaster agrees, and then says that someone made a call to Tokyo to Suki's father Takahiro. Suki admits she made the call, and Headmaster points out there's a satellite capacitor on the phone. He tells Suki to give it back to her brother, whom she stole it from.

Later, the group meets and Suki says she only wanted to hear her father's voice. She apologizes for not telling them, and Ian warns that none of them can drop their guard. When he hints that something important is going on, CJ and Suki seize on it and he admits that Conner Owen sneaked into the campus. When they wonder why he and Gabe didn't tell them, Ian says that someone appears to be betraying them to Headmaster, and it would have to be one of them.

The next day, Ian and Coach spar in the skills lab, but Ian lacks focus and Coach easily defeats him. Coach expresses his concern, and Ian asks him about West Campus. He realizes that Coach was there as a student, and Coach warns him that contains each person's greatest fear.

Cal approaches CJ, who asks if he did something to Emily and the others. He tells her to use her skill to determine if he's telling the truth, and asks why her emotions are blocking her power. When Headmaster walks nearby, Cal quickly slips away.

Shinji is in his quarters when he gets a call from Takahiro. Takahiro tells him to come home ahead of schedule. Shinji hangs up, but then calls his father back to confirm he just gave him new orders, and if he should bring Suki home as planned. He's seemingly unaware that Suki is impersonating Takahiro. She tells him to leave Suki at Tower Prep.

Ian and Gabe are in that room that night, looking at West Campus for a sign of Conner. Conner emerges from the closet passageway and tells them that the Gnomes were waiting for him. He gives a vial to them and says that it's the "end of everything." The Monitors are doing room checks, and Ian tells Conner to get to the observatory via the passageways. As Ian goes after him, the Gnomes capture Conner in the tunnels below. Gabe stops his friend, warning that it's too late to do anything. They check the vial and determine that it's Chemica Desin, version 2.0. Conner also left a different map of the tunnels, including a route to the drainage pipe in West Campus. Ian says that he's going, but Gabe warns that it's too dangerous. He tries to use his hypersuasion, but Ian sees through it so Gabe insists that he goes with him. Ian convinces him that he's quicker on his own, and asks Gabe to hide the vial in the safest place he can think of. Gabe says they'll take care of it, but Ian says that he'll have to do it himself, because only the four of them knew about Conner's mission.

CJ and Suki are in the hall, discussing how Headmaster has dropped the charade that they are at a normal school. CJ in particularly is eager to leave. They get to their room and find Shinji waiting for Suki. He asks CJ to leave, and then tells Suki that he knows about her attempt to fool him using their father's voice. Shinji tells her that she'll be leaving with him and will never realize her full potential. When she refuses, Shinji warns that she's bad for Tower Prep.

Headmaster calls Dr. Specs, his personal interrogator, and tells him to get information from their prisoner. He tells the doctor not to let any word get out to Takahiro or his staff. Headmaster then calls someone and says they need to talk.

In his dorm room, Gabe cuts open Señor Guapo and puts the vial inside. Before he can stitch the sock monkey up, CJ knocks on the door. Gabe quickly puts it on the bed and invites her in, and she admits she's worried about Conner. CJ notices that there's something he's not telling her, but Gabe denies it, and she admits that escape didn't become real to her until now that they're close. Gabe reassures her and she leaves, and Gabe finishes his work on Señor Guapo.

Ian finds the doorway leading into West Campus and uses Conner's key to open it. Inside are a series of corridor to the old biological research facility. As Ian explore the building, he's unaware that an older man in a suit, with long white hair, is watching him from the shadows. Ian finds a series of functioning medical labs, and in one of them, Nurse and Ross are discussing the disappearance of a vial of Chemica Desin. In another, Dr. Specs is giving a drugged Conner his "orientation. Ian continues on to the basement kitchen and finds the drainage pipe entrance. He pries it open and then waits.

The Monitors break into Gabe's room and go directly to Señor Guapo. They rip it open and find the vial inside, and Headmaster comes in to take it. He warns that the situation is bad. He has Gabe taken to his office and demands to know who could have put the vial there if Gabe didn't. Gabe insists that Ian didn't do it, and tries to hypersuade him into believing that someone broke into the dorm room. Headmaster resists Gabe's ability and sends him away to West Campus.

Shinji locks Suki in a room and tells her to await transfer to Tokyo.

Ian meets with CJ and tells her what he's discovered, and she informs him that that Gabe has been taken to West Campus. He tells her to find Suki while he finds Gabe, and then they'll all escape.

The Monitors drug Gabe and take him to West campus, where Nurse greets him. She turns him over to Dr. Specs, who Gabe recognizes from his nightmare.

Shinji comes to see Suki and tells his Monitors to bring her along when she refuses.

Dr. Specs tells Gabe to think happy stories as he attaches the memory-draining machine to him.

Ian dodges the Gnomes and gets back to the drainage pipe, only to discover that the Gnomes are waiting for him. He tells them to get it over with because there's somewhere he has to be.

Headmaster tells a visitor that there are things they must do to ensure long-term security, even if they don't understand them at the time. He tells CJ that he's her mommy, and she has to trust him.{C}


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