Suki Sato
Role: Student
Ability: Mimicry
Played by: Dyana Liu
First appearance: New Kid

Suki Sato is a student at Tower Prep. She is optimistic, sweet, a little shy, and an expert in gadgets and technology. Her family owns SatoSystems, a corporation with ties to Tower Prep. She is planning on escaping, along with Ian Archer, CJ Ward, and Gabe Forrest.

Story[edit | edit source]

Before Tower Prep[edit | edit source]

One day, Suki Sato's mother and father were having an loud argument, although it is mystery as to what it was about, which then caused Suki to turn up the volume on her TV to drown out the screaming. She started to hear a buzzing noise, presumably fell unconscious and was transported to Tower Prep. ("New Kid")

At Tower Prep[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Group[edit | edit source]

She soon teams up with CJ Ward and Gabe Forrest in order to plan an escape from Tower Prep. She was with CJ when Ian bumps into her during school, but they don't formally meet till that night when she, CJ, and Gabe attempt to escape the school. Ian saves them from walking into a group of Gnomes, and they proceed to tell him what they know and about their abilities. Ian recognizes her last name and she reveals that her parents own SatoSystems. They are ambushed by Gnomes but thanks to Ian, manage to escape. They return to school, and help Ian get pay back on his roommates, Ray Snider and Don Finch, and their friend, Zack Blonsky, by tricking them out onto the grounds, naked. Suki stole their clothes by wearing Ian's hoodie and using her ability to mimic his voice. They decide to let Ian into the observatory, and then team up with him to escape Tower Prep. Ian asks her if she wrote the note he received in Math, but she, along with CJ and Gabe, said she did not. ("New Kid")

Secrets of the School[edit | edit source]

When Ian is accused of theft and grand larceny, Suki vows to help prove his innocence along with CJ and Gabe. However, after a whole day of investigating, the team seems to have reached a dead end, and realize they need Ian if they are going to discover who framed him. As soon as that is said, Ian shows up, climbing out from beneath the floor. They soon discover that the tunnel that Ian climbed out of is a whole network of underground tunnels. ("Monitored")

After Ian returns Gabe's sock monkey(which he found in the tunnels), the group decides to explore the tunnels more throughly that night in order to try and find the thief. While they plan this in the observatory, Suki sows up Gabe's sock monkey for him. They decide that CJ and Suki will cover for Ian in his room, while Gabe and Ian search the tunnels. For this purpose, Suki creates an app for their PDAs that will increase the brightness of their screens so they can see in the dark tunnels. ("Monitored")

Later that night, Suki and CJ switch places with Ian and Gabe. Suki uses her mimicry to fool the monitor assigned to Ian, Chelsea Sloan, but unexpectedly Ray and Don show up forcing CJ to dive back into the tunnels, and Suki to maintain the ruse from under the covers of Ian's bed. Suki listens to Don and Ray argue about whether or not Don was blown off by Lisa Merriman at the movies, causing her to snicker, almost giving her away. Don and Ray get annoyed and try to rip the covers off the bed and taunt 'Ian' about checking out CJ, which 'Ian' denies. They then ask who 'he' really does like, and 'Ian' tells them that 'he' likes Suki. This gives the two boys pause, before acknowledging that they do think Suki is pretty hot, creeping Suki out a bit. Eventually, the boys fall asleep, allowing Suki to text the others in order to let them know it is safe to come back. ("Monitored")

Suki goes with Ian and the others to question Fenton Capwell the next day, accusing him of being the thief. However, he gives an alibi of getting music from his neighbors the night before, which CJ then confirms using her ability. They become frustrated, realizing they are back to square one, when Fenton becomes angry for tracking dirt into the his room and falsely accusing him. This causes Ian to remember something and asks Gabe if he made his roommate, Howard Gilmore, clean his shoes, but when Gabe says that he never had Howard clean his shoes, they realizes it must have been his own shoes he was cleaning. They decide to pay a visit to Gabe's roommate, leaving Fenton clueless.("Monitored")

That night, Suki and CJ come into Gabe's room, saying Ian is missing, shortly followed by Ian rushing to Gabe's room, claiming to be chased by Monitors, and throws a bust to Howard when the lights cut off. When the lights cut back on, the group sees Howard caught the bust easily in the dark, confirmed by Gabe when Gabe reveals Howard's ability as tetrachromatic vision, allowing him to see in the dark. Howard confesses to his crimes, and explains why he did it, causing the group to feel pity for him. Suki backs up Ian's decision that Howard has to turn himself in, to clear Ian's name, which Howard agrees to, clearing Ian's name. ("Monitored")

Suki has the most difficulty working on the art project Headmaster assigns, due to her ability to mimic anything. She gets flustered and starts wandering around the observatory, looking for something to draw. As she gets more frustrated, her lips get more tense, as portrayed in CJ's project. After listening to Ian's story of when his ability first became associated with Tower Prep, she suggests he draw Whisper 119's avatar, an idea he takes to. Suki continues to search through the observatory, when she discovers an odd looking tube which she decides to draw. ("Whisper")

The next day, Suki presents her project to the class, which is accepted with applause. Shortly after, Headmaster comes in and looks over all the projects, stopping briefly at each one, however, Suki notices he hesitates when he comes to hers before moving on. CJ then informs the group that Headmaster became tense and angry when he saw Suki's project, which puzzles Suki, not knowing why. The group hangs back after class, to see if there is an explanation behind this, when they are shocked to see Headmaster tear up Suki's drawing, before leaving, barely controlling his cool composure, leaving Suki and the others wondering why.("Whisper")

That night, Suki leaves her class and starts to head to the observatory. While she is texting CJ to let her know she is coming, Suki notices someone walking behind her, but when she looks, there is no one there. However, as she continues down the hallway, she see a monitor's reflection on a nearby laptop, tailing her. Suki manages to subtly take a photo of the monitor from over her shoulder and sends it to her friends, to let them know she is being tailed. She manages to get back to her room without incident, but she is still puzzled as to why Headmaster would have her tracked. ("Whisper")

Suki uses the underground tunnels to sneak into the observatory without being seen by the monitors. Upon arrival, the others share what they learned from Winslow; The object is a vacuum tube. Suki then comes up with the idea of asking Whisper 119 about it since she is a computer herself. Whisper confirms it's a vacuum tube to a computer, and then asks the group where they found it. Ian ignores the question and asks her if it was a computer used at Tower Prep. She replies by saying a long time ago, and insistently asks him where did they find it. This annoys Gabe to the point where he tries hypersuading her into forgetting about it, but fails due to her not being human. Ian continues his questioning, asking why would it make Headmaster so angry, and what it was used for. She remains silent for a minute before restating what she said earlier that it was vacuum tube, much to the group's frustration. ("Whisper")

Ability[edit | edit source]

Suki's ability is Mimicry, allowing her to perfectly imitate anyone's voice, if she has heard it at least once. Furthermore, she can imitate people's mannerisms and handwriting. She can also imitate animals, as she was roaring in the forest, and the other students thought she was Redfang. She can also recreate anything she sees, such as painting Whisper 23's vacuum tube and perfect copy of Headmaster's thumbprint.

Suki is also an expert in electronics, and is able to create a variety of apps for student PDAs, including ones that allow covert communications, hack electronic locks, and turn the PDA into a light source.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Suki is often the most protective member of her group of friends. She states that while her ability allows her to copy anything, being original is difficult. She is intelligent and tech savvy.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

With Other Students[edit | edit source]

CJ Ward[edit | edit source]

It has been shown that Suki is a very good and trusted friend. CJ confessed only to Suki about her crush on Ian.("Rooks") However, when Headmaster revealed that CJ was his daughter and that she had been the one to give Headmaster the phone Suki made, this trust is quickly shattered and replaced with suspicion. ("Fathers")

Gabe Forrest[edit | edit source]

She went to check up on Gabe after he was rejected by the Rooks, and there are some suggestions that Suki and Gabe may have romantic feelings for each other. ("Rooks")

Ray Snider[edit | edit source]

Ray Snider has a crush on Suki, although she initially dislikes him. After being paired on a field trip, her opinion of him seems to improve, causing jealousy in Gabe. ("Field Trip")

Ian Archer[edit | edit source]

She appears to have feelings for Ian when she blushes in Psychology class after discussing her dream where at one point she kisses him. ("Dreams")

With Family[edit | edit source]

Shinji Sato (Older Brother)[edit | edit source]

Suki describes her older brother, Shinji Sato, as being her best friend before he disappeared and went to Tower Prep (Although at that time, Suki didn't know about Tower Prep and thought Shinji had died). Presently, Suki's loyalty is conflicted between her parents & brother who have betrayed her and her new 'family' with Ian, Gabe, and CJ. ("Phone Home")

Takahiro Sato (Father)[edit | edit source]

Takahiro Sato personally arrives at West Campus to take Suki home, saying that due to her rebellious actions, she is bad for Tower Prep. As he escorts her out with a group of Monitors, Suki states that due to his actions and their family involvement with Tower Prep, she disowns him as her father and her family name. ("Fathers")

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the episode "Book Report", Suki is shown to be a fan of the werewolves in a Twilight-like book series.

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