Tawny Dvorchek
Role: Student
Ability: Unknown, possibly hyper-suasion
Played by: Darla Taylor (Tawny)
Fiona Vroom (Siren #1)
Raquel Riskin (Siren #2)
First appearance: Book Report

Tawny Dvorchek and her two roommates are students at Tower Prep. They play the role of the "sirens" when Ian first encounters them when searching for past owners of his copy of The Odyssey. They lure him in and try to trick him into writing an essay for them. Later, they help the group get rid of a monitor in exchange for Ian owing them a favor.


The sirens' abilities might be a form of hyper-suasion like Gabe as Tawny was able to put Ian into a trance-like state and write an essay for them, until Ian snapped out of it when the book fell. Ian isn't so sure, but Gabe definitely thinks their ability is hyper-suasion.


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