The Great Unknown
Role: Student
Ability: Unknown
Played by: Unknown
First appearance: Monitored
Last appearance: Dreams

"The Great Unknown" is Gabe Forrest's nickname for the mysterious roommate who shares his dorm with Gabe, Ian Archer, and for awhile, Howard Gilmore. The Great Unknown is usually either sleeping (hidden under blankets) or absent from the room entirely.


According to Gabe and Howard, The Great Unknown is always sleeping or out of the room, and they have never seen his face or talked to him. ("Monitored")

Both Ian and Gabe have a strange dream in which The Great Unknown is out of his bed and packing his bags. One of the items he places in his bag is an eyeball that is assumed to be Cornelius's. When Gabe asked what his name was he replied, "My name really is The Great Unknown" he goes on to say that "that Tower Prep is letting me go". When Gabe asks to see his face he replies that he is a hideous freak and begins to run off. Though only to have Ian rush up to him and pull off his burlap hood, revealing Headmaster's face. When they awaken, The Great Unknown is gone. The Great Unknown was then replaced by Conner Owens as Ian and Gabe's new roommate. ("Dreams")


In January 2013, Paul Dini confirmed that The Great Unknown would have been revealed to be Demetrius.[1] As such he was presumably acting as a spy for Headmaster, a role he continued performing at West Campus. This would explain why Demetrius knew about the significance of Señor Guapo -- assuming Demetrius was the one responsible for bringing Señor Guapo to Gabe's cell.




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