The Program is the name for Tower Prep's rules and code of behavior. Students who follow the rules are said to be "with The Program", a direct reference to the rules themselves.

The following are some rules of the Program (observations based on Season 1):

  1. Students must obey & respect the directions of the Headmaster, Faculty, and Monitors. ("New Kid")
  2. Students and Faculty are not allowed in the Forbidden Zone unless authorized. ("Buffer")
  3. Students must obey curfews and stay in their dorm rooms at times of emergency. ("New Kid") ("Snitch")
  4. Students must wear their school uniforms at all times during class hours. ("New Kid")
  5. Students must attend all assigned classes. If a student fails a class, he/she will repeat the class until he/she passes. A student graduates when he/she passes all assigned classes. There is no set period of time to complete all assigned classes. ("Book Report")
  6. Students must respect each other and their personal property. ("Monitored")


Students sometimes derisively use the term "Proge" to refer to good role model students.