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Tower Prep is the mysterious school that serves as the main setting of the series Tower Prep.

Description[edit | edit source]

Tower Prep is a secret preparatory high school for students gifted with special


abilities. Most of its students have been abducted and are held prisoner here, having no way to escape the school grounds. The students are told that their parents have allowed this and are aware of where their children are, although it is unclear if this is the truth.

The school's motto is excellentia per obsequium, Latin for "excellence through obedience", obviously a message meant for rebellious students.

The Program[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Program

"The Program" seems to be a name for the school's rules and code of behavior. Those who follow the rules are said to be "with the Program." Students sometimes derisively use the term "Proge" to refer to model students.

Student Attire, Supplies, Dorm Rooms[edit | edit source]

Students at Tower Prep wear uniforms with the school's logo and a color scheme of maroon, light blue, and grey.

For male students, there are 5 uniform outfits:

  1. Light-blue, long-sleeved, collar shirt; Maroon sweater vest/long-sleeved sweater/long-sleeved cardigan sweater; grey pants; Optional: Maroon tie, Maroon sports jacket with dark blue sweater vest
  2. Light-blue, short-sleeved, collar polo shirt; Maroon sweater vest/long-sleeved sweater/long-sleeved cardigan sweater; grey pants
  3. For Outdoor Classes only: Maroon/Grey hoodie; Grey/White T-Shirt; Grey sweat pants
  4. For Outdoor/Skills Lab Classes only: Maroon/white sleeveless shirt; Grey/White sweat pants
  5. For Outdoor/Skills Lab Classes only: Maroon T-Shirt, grey shorts/track pants

For female students, there are 4 uniform outfits:

  1. Light-blue, long/short-sleeved, collar shirt; Maroon vest/sweater vest/long-sleeved sweater/long-sleeved cardigan sweater; Grey pleated skirt, knee to mid-thigh high; Optional: Maroon tie, maroon sports jacket, grey pants
  2. Light-blue, short-sleeved, collar polo shirt; Maroon vest/sweater vest/long-sleeved sweater/long-sleeved cardigan sweater; Grey pleated skirt, knee to mid-thigh high; Optional: Grey pants
  3. For Outdoor Classes only: Maroon/Grey hoodie; Grey/White top; Grey sweat pants
  4. Maroon short-sleeved shirt dress [only CJ has appeared in this uniform: 1st appearance ("Phone Home")]

When not attending class, students can wear what they want (to an extent). Students typically use parts of their uniforms to express their own personal style. It's assumed other personal clothes like jeans, coats, jackets, etc. are either brought in from a student's home when he/she is placed in Tower Prep or purchased at the Tower Prep store using Tower Credits from their Work Study Program.

Students are issued PDAs and netbook laptops manufactured by SatoSystems and are linked to Whisper. Tower Prep PDAs main function is to be a form of student identification in order to unlock a student's personal dorm room and order personal diet meals in the cafeteria. Students send and receive their homework assignments from their netbook laptops. This creates a "paperless" information system that keeps track of students' work and can be accessed by Faculty and Headmaster ("Monitored"). Whisper communicates to students both through PDAs and netbook laptops, typically to remind students of the time till their next class or updates a student on their progress in their classes [i.e. If there is a grade decline on a certain subject ("Whisper")].

Student dorm rooms include 1 bed, 1 closet, 1 nightstand, 1 table desk, and 1 chair for each student. Student dorm rooms have a minimum of 2 students to a maximum of 4 students per room. Additional furniture is most likely issued depending on the size of the dorm room and the number of roommates occupying the dorm room.

Faculty[edit | edit source]

The school's faculty members are known only by their titles, not names. For example, the science teacher is simply called "Science". According to the Headmaster, this is done to keep things "simple" and respectful.

Known faculty include:

While Headmaster runs Tower Prep's operations, he is not the ultimate authority. He must answer to the board of directors, a mysterious group of corporate leaders that apparently own the school. ("Trust")

The school's computer systems are operated by Whisper 120 (formerly Whisper 119 who was replaced in "Phone Home"), an advanced artificial intelligence created by SatoSystems.

Groups and activities[edit | edit source]

  • Buffer is a sport unique to Tower Prep, and several teams within the school -- each coached by a different teacher -- compete against each other. The Mascot appears to be a Bull.
  • The work study program allows students to work various jobs around the school to earn Tower Credits.
  • Monitors are students who have volunteered to enforce the rules and take orders directly from Headmaster through earpieces they wear.
  • The Rooks are an unsanctioned secret fraternity.
  • The Tower Prep Network Blog is the school's news blog, similar to a school newspaper.

School grounds[edit | edit source]

A model in the Headmaster's office, showing the school's layout

The school grounds include several buildings; the largest building houses the student dormitories as well as some faculty quarters and the observatory. A more modern-looking oval building is the location of the Whisper Room and the buffer arena. There are several smaller buildings, including one with a distinctive tower. These can be seen in the model in Headmaster's office. According to the map seen in "Book Report", most of these buildings are lecture halls or devoted to specific subjects such as Art or Science. One on the East side is the Administration building.

A map from the school directory, seen in "Book Report"

Skills Lab[edit | edit source]

The Skills Lab is a room set up for students to train their specific abilities. For instance, Ian was seen using a fighting simulator here, while Ray was lifting weights and an unidentified girl was seen writing equations ambidextrously on a chalkboard.

Forbidden Zone[edit | edit source]

The forest around the school is called the Forbidden Zone, and no students are allowed there from sunset to sunrise.

Laser motion detectors surround the school at night

Underground[edit | edit source]

Below the main campus buildings is a network of abandoned tunnels. These appear to be part of an older structure that the current school was built on top of. It's not clear what this facility had been, although one room looks like a laboratory. According to Ian, the tunnels look like they were built in the 1940s or 50s. Gnomes also travel through these tunnels, which may be how they move between the school and the forest. ("Monitored")

West Campus[edit | edit source]

Main article: West Campus

The West Campus is a separate facility located in the forest some distance away from the main campus. It is a detention facility for students who are caught breaking the rules. According to Headmaster, detained students "study in seclusion" there. The West Campus is often used as something of a Boogieman to the students, as the main threat the teachers will use to get students with The Program, is to threaten they will be sent to West Campus. Gabe's former roommate Howard Gilmore was sentenced six weeks for theft ("Monitored"). Rook's leader Jeremy was last seen taken by Coach and is presumed to have been sentenced indefinitely. ("Rooks") Gabe was sent to West Campus when Headmaster discovered Chemica Desin 2.0 with him. ("Fathers")

Cornelius Tower at the founding of the school

History[edit | edit source]

When Cornelius Tower's wealthy father died, he left him his fortune and a mysterious, unexplored peninsula, somewhere in the world. He turned the land into a "paradise for technological advances and the preservation of all creatures." He gathered rare plants and animal species from around the world there, but the real purpose was to gather human beings with special abilities, apparently to improve and advance some aspect of humanity. Based on the appearance of the old labs, the school was probably built in the late 1940's or 1950's.

"Corporate lackeys" force Cornelius (middle) to sign over the school

Later, Cornelius was betrayed by unidentified "corporate lackeys" and some of his own staff, who staged a hostile takeover of the school. He claimed that those now in charge of the school are corrupting his vision, and turning the students into something. The same group remains in control of the school in the present, although, according to Conner Owens, there is a group of "exiles" trying to take the school back.

Location[edit | edit source]

The school is built on a remote peninsula, but its exact location remains a mystery. It is surrounded by a deep forest, and it is unknown how people travel to and from the outside world. The forest itself is patrolled by gnomes, which seem to act as guards. In "New Kid", Ian discovers the large metal wall that separates the school grounds from the rest of the world, which is later revealed to be a hologram made by the Whisper system.

When Ian gazes at the stars in the observatory room, he sees that the constellations are in the wrong places. He says that this means Tower Prep is probably not within the United States, and he cannot determine where it's located. His friends seem to have come to the same conclusion.

Map showing areas of the Earth between the 48th and 52nd north parallels.

Further examination of the constellations revealed that Tower Prep is in the Northern Hemisphere, between the 48th and 52nd Northern parallel. ("Snitch") This suggests that Tower Prep could be located somewhere in Northern Asia (parts of Russia including Sakhalin and the Kamchatka Peninsula), the UK, Ireland, Northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands, or Canada. If the peninsula the school is on could be a small peninsula on an island, then many islands in those latitudes are also possible locations, including the Kuril Islands and the southernmost Aleutian Islands. A map found in Cornelius Tower's office suggests that the peninsula could be somewhere between the 29th and 30th latitude parallels, suggesting that they are either on an uncharted island in the middle of the pacific ocean or somewhere in Ukraine.

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