relationships involving the characters from "Tower Prep".


  • CJ more or less admits to having a crush on Ian in Rooks (episode)
  • At the end of this episode, Ian asks CJ to dance.
  • CJ does not seem as upset as she ought to be when Ian tells her the news about Cal being taken by the gnomes in Field Trip
  • When Ian comments about how this is the first birthday he hasn't celebrated at home, CJ bitterly asks him if he misses having girls lining up to give him birthday kisses in Phone Home
  • In the aforementioned episode, CJ kisses Ian after he reveals that he has never kissed a girl.
  • Ian is irritated by Cal's return in Trust. Furthermore, CJ obviously doesn't want Ian to know that Cal is back.
  • Ian tells CJ that she can stay with him and his family in Trust.
  • CJ is obviously jealous when she sees Ian in his room with Emily.
  • As an apology for suspecting her, Ian tells CJ that she can sleep in his room when they escape and he'll sleep on the couch.
  • Ian rushes to help CJ when he recieves the text about her being in the headmaster's office in Fathers.
  • Ian seems more hurt by CJ's betrayal than Suki.
  • CJ distracts her father so Ian wins the fight against him.
  • CJ helps Ian defeat Jeremy in Fathers.


  • Gabe insists that Ian stay when they first meet the Rooks in Rooks (episode)
  • Ian and Gabe have bromance
  • While talking to Dimitri in Fathers, Gabe says that Ian is like a big brother that he looks up to.


  • Ray stated that "Suki is a hottie" in Monitored
  • Suki seems disgusted by Ray in the episode Field Trip, but she also started to become friends with him.
  • At the end of Field Trip, Ray enters the Infirmary with flowers in his hands for Suki.
  • In Snitch, Ray was worried that Suki and her friends finally escaped and he goes looking for her.


  • In Buffer (episode), Cal invites CJ to watch the replay of the game.
  • It seems like Cal is trying to impress CJ with his dance skills in Rooks (episode). In this episode, Cal also attended CJ's dance that she planned with Suki.
  • In Trust, Cal visits CJ in her room a couple of times. At the end of the episode, CJ tells Cal to come to her room. When he gets there, she gives him a meaningful hug.
  • In Fathers, Suki had said it was Ian who broke up CJ and Cal, suggesting that they were going out.


  • Gabe seems a little jealous when he sees Ray carry Suki into the Infimary. This is in the episode Field Trip.
  • At the beginning of Dreams, Gabe asks Suki to dance to the song playing on the record.
  • Gabe talks to CJ about how crazy it would be if Suki started liking Ray in Phone Home. CJ then says, "Careful Gabe, your jealously is showing."
  • In the same episode, Gabe and Suki kiss right after CJ and Ian kiss.