Season 1, Episode 11
Airdate: December 21, 2010
Writer(s): Riley Stearns
Director: Mike Rohl
"Phone Home"

"Trust" is the eleventh episode of season one of Tower Prep.

Cal Rice returns, but Ian suspects him of being a spy. Ian makes contact with a rebel group of former students known as the Broken.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The fringers gather in the observatory to make their plans. The next new moon, they'll use Suki's PDA, enhanced with components from her brother's stolen phone, to intercept another Sato Industries satellite and make a four-minute-long call. CJ says she can have the ropes made in six days, but Ian notes that she's hesitant. When he calls her on it, CJ tells him that she'll be ready. Gabe will gather non-perishable food so they can stay out in the forest. They all agree to keep a low profile for the next week, and then use the tunnels to get into the woods, past Redfang's territory, and then climb over the wall using the rope and jump to the other side. Once they're out, they'll use Suki's phone to call for help, and escape from Tower Prep.

As Ian exercises in class, he tosses jump ropes out to Suki. However, as Ian leaves, he notices two Monitors cleaning off a stencil of what appears to be Redfang, the creature of the woods. Meanwhile, Gabe orders two apples from the new Whisper 120 at the cafeteria. Whisper 120 is surprised but eventually related.

As Suki modifies her brother Shinji's phone, she notices that her father's number is on the speed dial. She calls him but hangs up without saying anything when he answers.

As CJ makes the ropes, she contemplates herself in a mirror and tries to figure out her own emotions without success.

The fringers talk about the stencils over lunch, but Ian insists that they're a distraction, and they need to focus on their escape plan. When CJ hesitates, Ian asks if anything is wrong and she assures him that she's fine.

In class, Art is having the students write articles for the school's blog page. She suggests that Ian do an article on the stencils, but he insists that someone else would be better suited to it, and he'll stick with his Buffer piece. Art insists, but Emily Wright leaps in and volunteers.

That night, Ian visits CJ to see if she has the rope finished. She admits that she's running behind because she's not sure if she wants to escape because she has nowhere to go. He offers to take her to his house and they'll keep an eye on each other, someplace where they've chosen to be together. She promises to finish the ropes on schedule. As Ian goes back to his room, he finds a student painting another Redfang stencil on the wall. The student smirks at Ian and then runs away. Beneath the stencil are now the words "A choice."

Ian goes to get CJ to show her the stencil, but she refuses to let him in. He busts in and discovers that Cal Rice is in the room with CJ. Cal swaggers over to CJ and claims that he's been nowhere in particular. Ian points out that they were last together in Redfang's lair, and Cal voluntarily joined the Gnomes. CJ is unable to read Cal, and admits that her emotions are clouding her judgment. Ian wonders why Cal is back, and CJ tries to stop them from fighting.

Before Ian can pursue the matter, Monitors arrive to take Ian to Headmaster's office. Headmaster asks him if he's "broken," and Ian has no idea what he's talking about. He points out that Ian was seen near the newest Redfang stencil, but Ian insists that he had nothing to do with it. Headmaster seems to accept his denial, but warns Ian that the symbol is dangerous to the school and to Ian. He knows that Ian had a close encounter with Redfang in the forest, and says that Ian becomes involved with Redfang or "The Broken," he'll have to be rebalanced. As Ian goes, Headmaster says that his mother was right when Ian made the phone call and she warned her son that it was dangerous.

Ian returns to his room and takes Gabe into the passageways to avoid anyone monitoring them. He then suggests that they call off the escape, believing that Cal is back and knows about their plan, and he's with CJ. Gabe warns that CJ likes Cal, and they were together before Ian arrived. He insists that CJ is part of their group and wants to escape. However, Ian reminds his friend that the only person who knows he was with Redfang was Cal, and now Headmaster knows. Gabe doesn't believe it, and wants to get out before they are further endangered. He wonders if Ian is worried about the group, or his relationship with CJ.

Later in class, Art congratulates the students on meeting their deadline for the articles. Afterward, Ian asks why his article was apparently rewritten. She claims that she didn't change anything, and Ian checks the differences. He discovers that a number of words have been changed, and all refer to "broken" and "resistance." As he meets with the others in class, Wood Shop arrives and tells them that Art has been dismissed. Emily objects, but Wood Shop says that he doesn't know and wouldn't say if he did.

That night, Emily comes to Ian's room to talk to him. As he ushers her in and closes the door, he's unaware that CJ has seen the two of them together. Meanwhile, Emily finally admits that The Broken changed his article to try and communicate with him. She says that The Broken know that he and the others are trying to escape, and shows him the map she found in Gabe's backpack during the field trip. Emily says that she told The Broken, which give students the opportunity to fight against the authorities. She doesn't know who Conner Owens is, and tells Ian that the stencils are to tell the students in the school that there is a resistance... and she plans to join them. Ian asks where they are, and Emily says they'll contact Ian when they think it's safe. When he threatens to tell Headmaster what Emily knows, she wonders if he's bluffing but eventually yields.

The next day, Ian slips out early and uses the tunnels to get to the forest. He follows Emily's directions and finds the stenciller from the school waiting for him. The boy takes Ian into the tunnels to Redfang's lair, where The Broken have gathered. Redfang is watching over the meeting, and his spokesman, Conrad, talks to Ian. Conrad warns that Ian's plan to climb over the wall can't happen because there is no wall. The Broken resist, and plan to overrun the school. Conrad asks Ian to join them and once they succeed, they can all walk out. When Ian wonders when the plan will occur, Conrad admits that Phillips is slowly losing his mind, and believes that he really is Redfang. The Broken want Ian to lead them. They plan the overrun the coming Monday, before the Gnomes track them down. The best Ian will do is express his appreciation for Redfang saving him. As Ian goes, Conrad says that Ian's friends are welcome, but if they don't arrive that night, The Broken will move on without them and find a leader with more discipline.

Later, Emily approaches Ian and asks if he's joined The Broken. He doesn't answer, and she says that she has joined the resistance. Emily wonders is holding him back. Upset, she tells Ian that Conrad said that Ian could bring CJ.

Ian talks to Gabe and tells him what happened, and that CJ can't confirm if Cal can be trusted. Gabe figures that Ian doesn't trust CJ's relationship with Cal, and insists that CJ wouldn't be with Cal if she thought he'd betray them. Gabe agrees to join The Broken, but insists that they give Suki and CJ a chance to join as well.

A new stencil goes up, with the word "Exit."

CJ approaches Ian and asks him if he plans to escape with Emily instead of her. He admits that he can't trust her, but CJ insists she can't tell if Cal is telling the truth. Ian takes a chance and tells her the truth, but tells her that if Cal or the Gnomes show up, he'll assume she betrayed them. He tells her about The Broken, and tells CJ that Emily is a member and he's not escaping with her. The fringers can join The Broken, or carry out their own escape plan. CJ asks if she can still go with him, and Ian assures that she always can. She admits that she doesn't trust Cal, but she can't tell Ian why. CJ asks him to respect her decision, and Ian says that they have no choice but to join The Broken. She tells him that she knows what her decision will be since the first day they met.

A few hours before the overrun attempt, Ian and Gabe leave to meet the girls. Meanwhile, CJ asks Suki to go on and give her a little more time to prepare. Once her roommate leaves, CJ contemplates her PDA. Cal arrives at her door, responding to her invitation, and she hugs him.

Ian, Gabe, and Suki wait until CJ finally arrives. They hurry through the woods to make the meeting. However, when they arrive at Redfang's lair, none of The Broken are there. A single Gnome moves in to attack them, and Ian assumes that it's Cal and CJ has betrayed them. CJ insists that she didn't tell Cal anything, and tells him to stop. The Gnome attacks them and Ian tries to hold him off. CJ comes to Ian's aid, hitting him with a chair. It easily knocks her back, but Gabe grabs a fire extinguisher and blinds the Gnome, letting Ian take it out. They remove the helmet only to realize that the Gnome isn't Cal, or anyone else they know. Ian accepts that CJ is telling the truth when she came to his defense, and offers to let her sleep in his room while he is on the couch.

The fringers go back into the woods and realize that they're out of options. As they return to Tower Prep, they wonder who could make The Broken disappear.

Headmaster reports to the Tower Prep Board of Directors and tells them that he has mended The Broken and they're no longer a threat. As he goes, one of the board members asks him about Ian. Headmaster tells them that Ian is still broken, but not for long. 

Characters[edit | edit source]

Guest starring[edit | edit source]

  • Headmaster (Ted Whitall)
  • Redfang/Steven Phillips (Rhys Williams)
  • Conrad (Max Lloyd-Jones)
  • Cal Rice (Izaak Smith)
  • Emily Wright (Jodi Balfour)
  • Coach (Dan Payne)
  • Art (Karen Holness)
  • Wood Shop (Aaron Pearl)
  • Head monitor (Nathan Dales)
  • Security monitor (Max Train)
  • Hoodie painter (Max Kashetsky)
  • Guide (Travis Turner)
  • Male board member (Ken Krammer)
  • Female board member (BJ Harrison)
  • Whisper 120 (Peggy Jo Jacobs)

Featured Music[edit | edit source]

  • "Unstoppable" by Foxy Shazam

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