Tunnel Man
Tunnel Man
Role: Unknown
Played by: Dean Friss
First appearance: Snitch

An enigmatic figure known only as Tunnel Man[1] encounters Ian in the underground tunnels below West Campus.


Ian is in the tunnels below West Campus when his preflex ability senses a presence. He looks around, but doesn't notice a strange man who is following him. ("Snitch")

Soon, the "Tunnel Man" approaches Ian and states that, "Three's the charm." Ian says he's lost. "No, no you are not." and repeats "Three's the charm", before disappearing. Moments later, he appears again and repeats "Three's the charm." Ignoring Ian's questions, "you tried to escape two times, the day you arrived, and through the cyclops grave, the third time you try, you will escape. Three of you, three's a charm." "Four of us" Ian corrects him. The mysterious man shakes his head. Again ignoring Ian's questions, he says "We'll see each other three times, today is one, and twice after you escape." Ian questions who the man is and whether he even knows anything at all, but the man walks away and vanishes into the darkness. ("Fathers")


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His stationsEdit

  • Assuming the Tunnel Man was referring to Ian and company's escape through the drainage tunnel (apparently this is to be considered a true "escape" as Whisper states this at the end of the season one finale) the outcome would be inconsistent with his earlier statement, as four students (Ian, Gabe, CJ, and Suki) "escaped" the school. There is a chance that one of them was "allowed" to leave, possibly CJ, or that CJ is not counted as "one of them" seeing as she was already aware of Headmaster's goals to restore the school to Cornelius' ideals. ("Fathers")


  • Tunnel Man could be Norman from "Book Report". Norman's ability is some form of precognition, which is similar to Tunnel Man's supposed ability to predict the future. They both have a desire to give hints or guidance to Ian. However, Tunnel Man appears to be much older than Norman, so they may not be the same person, but they could have the same ability.
  • Tunnel Man may be the seventh person who knows that headmaster is trying to restore the school to its original ideals, due to his seemingly extensive knowledge of the happenings at the school. However, there is little evidence to support this claim, and this theory would be negated if the following theory is proven true. ("Fathers")
  • The Tunnel Man may somehow be tied to Cornelius Tower. The Tunnel Man has both of his eyes and does not look like Cornelius Tower, which discounts the idea that he is Cornelius himself. At the same time the Tunnel Man's somewhat "eccentric" or "crazy" attitude does suggest some similarity. ("Fathers")
  • The Tunnel Man could possibly be another one of the original staff at Tower Prep that worked alongside Cornelius Tower, because he does appear to know much about the inner workings of Tower Prep.
  • he could be Cornelius Tower He has extensive knowledge of the school underground, since he could appear and reappear. He seems concerned for Ian. Cornelius Tower is related to Ian. He has two eyes but one could be fake. If the theory that Ian is his grandson is true, Ian could have inheritied his ability


  1. This name is found on the Cartoon Network website.


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