Underground Tunnels
Ian exploring the tunnels


Underneath Tower Prep

Seen in

Monitored, Whisper, Rooks, Election, Buffer


Possibly Gnomes, laboratories, stolen items (in Monitored), SatoSystem's equipment, Whisper 23, the yellow elevator

Leads to

Possibly most rooms in Tower Prep, the yellow elevator, the forest

Known users

Ian Archer, Gabe Forrest, CJ Ward, Suki Sato, Howard Gilmore, Cal Rice [1], Dr. Specs

The Underground Tunnels are a complex system of tunnels that run throughout the school.


The tunnels are as old as Tower Prep itself, as they were used for various purposes, some known and some not. At some point though, they were abandoned and only used by Gnomes for traveling, until they were rediscovered by a student named Howard Gilmore. Howard began using these tunnels as a hideout, as he felt more and more alienated by his fellow students, and soon constructed a small hideaway for himself, which also became a place to hide things he stole. Howard explores a good amount of the tunnels easily using his ability, tetrachromatic vision. ("Monitored")

Later, Ian Archer finds a secret passage leading to tunnels in his room, when he was bouncing a ball against the wall. As he explores throughout the tunnels, he finds one to the observatory, and tells CJ Ward, Suki Sato, and Gabe Forrest about them, and they're able to find more passageways and entrances. Ian begins using these tunnels to get out of his dorm without his monitor, Chelsea Sloan, finding out. Him and Gabe begin to explore and end up finding a laboratory, which the tunnels house plenty of. Later, he finds out that he's not the first to discover the tunnels, as the thief, Howard, is also using them as well. However, after exposing Howard as the thief, the five of them agree to keep the tunnels a secret, preventing their use from anyone else, but themselves.("Monitored")

Hidden in the tunnels are laboratories that hold various SatoSystem's equipment and, among it in one lab, Whisper 23. ("Whisper")


The tunnels appear to be a quick way to access various rooms and laboratories. The school is built on top of the tunnels, and it has been stated that the laboratories have been used earlier on. The tunnels may be parts of the older version of the school, as Cornelius Tower had plans of them in his office. ("Dreams")

Gnomes also wander around in the tunnels, suggesting it may be their resting place or base. Though it has also been debated that the Headmaster or one of the staff members, such as Coach History, controls the Gnomes, the Gnomes might have just found out about the tunnels and not told their leader, as Headmaster would have been aware of the tunnel leading to his office.


  1. Since Cal wass a Gnome, it is most likely that he, along with the other Gnomes, used the tunnels
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