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The West Campus is a separate facility located in the forest some distance away from the main campus of Tower Prep. It is a detention facility for students who are caught breaking the rules. According to Headmaster, detained students "study in seclusion" there. The West Campus is often used as something of a Boogieman to the students. Teachers always use the threat of sending students to West Campus to keep them in line with The Program. All West Campus inmates are given short mind-wipes so that they can't remember how they got in and how they got out. Conner Owens stated West Campus was originally used as a biological research facility.("Snitch")


Coach pointing out West Campus to Ian

Gabe's former roommate Howard Gilmore was sentenced six weeks for theft ("Monitored"). The Rooks' leader Jeremy was last seen taken by Coach and is presumed to have been sentenced indefinitely ("Rooks"). Gabe was sent to West Campus for hiding a vial of Chemica Desin 2.0 ("Snitch"). Later in West Campus, Headmaster sends Gabe his sock monkey, Señor Guapo, and a "Bodyguard" Demetrius ("Fathers").

Students in West Campus wear a uniform consisting of a light-blue, long sleeved shirt, a white undershirt, black leather belt, grey pants, and black shoes.

Inside the West CampusEdit

The inside of West Campus is littered with long blue and white hallways. There are several rooms that are used as medical facilities. According to Nurse, Chemica Desin 2.0 was stored in a cabinet at West Campus. Dr. Specs also seems to have another room where he wipes the memories of students upon their arrival. ("Snitch")

There are also waiting rooms with couches, lamps and tables in West Campus. Suki was taken to West Campus and held in one of these waiting rooms to be transferred back to her family. ("Snitch")

The style of the dorm rooms is much like a 8x10 prison cell. The dorm rooms that the students stay in have a single, uncomfortable-looking bunk bed, one small table and desk lamp, barred and cloudy-tinted windows, and the door has a small diamond-shaped window, manual key lock, a mail slot, and a paper label on the front of the door for two student names. There are no laptops or PDAs at all. It is unknown whether any teachers teach at West Campus or if Whisper even runs it as she does with Tower Prep.

West campus windows

Windows in the West Campus lobby

The main stairs and lobby area of West Campus is more nicely appointed, and features Art Deco painted windows depicting images of industry: factories, ships, trains and zeppelins. (See picture at right) The same area includes a book depository, and signs on the walls indicate there are labs, medical storage rooms, and conference rooms nearby. ("Fathers")

There are some floors in West Campus that are no longer in use (i.e. the kitchen that's three floors underground with the drainage pipe leading outside beyond Tower Prep). In addition, West Campus can be entered through the Underground Tunnels. However, the tunnel entrance to West Campus has a locked door. ("Snitch")

Outside the West Campus - The Old InfirmaryEdit

The Old Infirmary is a tall, dark grey stone building along the way to West Campus. From its roof, a person can see the tops of the trees and has a clear view of the sky. Inside, there is a huge fissure from the top floor going down several floors. The cause of the fissure is unknown. Although abandoned, Gnomes patrol inside the Old Infirmary that's accessible, and Whisper still controls the electronic door locks. ("Phone Home")


Gabe is the only person known so far to have actually escape West Campus. It is unknown if anyone else has done this.

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