What we know.pngThe group keeps a bulletin board in the observatory for evidence and other artifacts. More clues are added to the board as the season progresses, with a red thread linking each clue together. It is labeled the "What We Know" board.

Evidence[edit | edit source]

What is known to be on the board are listed below.

  • Picture of History and drawings of Gnome helmets
  • The "I'm scared too" note that Ian got on his first day at Tower Prep
  • The Rook mask that Gabe took from Jeremy in "Rooks"
  • Map of the school they drew
  • Tower Prep Directory from "Book Report"
  • Pictures of the Graveyard from "Book Report"
  • Pictures of some of the buildings in Tower Prep including the Buffer Arena
  • Pictures of the Underground Tunnels
  • An unknown dead flower
  • Two Chemica Desin infected buttons from "Election"
  • Three drawings of Redfang
  • Forest Samples from "Field Trip"
  • Picture of young Ian Archer with Cornelius Tower

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